Child Care Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: April 24, 2019

It is one of the most difficult things to work as a childcare professional.

That is why employers zoom into the skills section on a resume when they are choosing the right candidate.


As a childcare professional, it is imperative that you provide the right information in this section. If you don’t, you risk losing a job that you may otherwise be quite qualified for.

Your skills will include knowledge of handling children of different ages and temperaments primarily.

Specifically, you need to write how much you know about ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children entrusted to you.

Ability to prepare meals for children of different ages is another area that you can highlight in the skills section of your resume.

It is important to realize that your skills will matter the most when you are writing a child care resume.

From babies to young adults, all children need care, especially when their parents are away. If during that time you can look after their needs, you will be hired immediately.

Here is how you can convince the hiring manager that you are a good childcare worker to hire:


Child Care Skills and Abilities for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in supervising and monitoring the safety of children.

• Highly skilled in preparing nutritious meals in accordance with provided instructions.

• Well-versed in helping children keep good hygiene, by helping them with personal tasks.

• Deeply familiar with changing diapers of babies and infants.

• Able to effectively organize activities and implement a curriculum which allows children to develop mentally, emotionally, and physically.

• Adept at developing schedules and routines in order to ensure that children have sufficient rest and playtime.

• Proficient in determining signs of emotional or developmental problems in children.

• Effectively able to nurture and care for children while their parents are away.

• Unmatched ability to ensure that children remain active throughout the day.

• Proven ability to keep children engaged in educational as well as fun activities.

• Solid track record of ensuring the safety of assigned children through the implementation of safe environment plans.

• Experienced in cleaning and organizing areas of play in order to ensure safety.

• Exceptionally talented in following instructions provided by parents and guardians, regarding children’s routines.

• Competent in disciplining children in a positive manner.

• Qualified to recommend and initiate measures to control behavioral problems, post-consultation with parents.

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