Child Care Skills List for Resume

Updated on: September 11, 2019

Knowing your child-care skills will help you write the same in your resume.

A childcare professional may be a teacher’s assistant, a babysitter, an activity aide or a summer camp assistant.


No matter what the role is, if it’s within the childcare field, candidates require a specific skill set to fulfill their purpose optimally.

If you are planning to build a resume for a childcare job, it is highly advisable to go through a childcare job description to gauge what skills the prospective employers are looking for.

It is also a good idea to divide your competencies and skills into broad categories and then arrange the same in your childcare resume.

Below are some sample childcare skills and how to express the same in a child care resume.


Child Care Skills List

A childcare professional is required to supervise children of various ages and must, therefore, possess the following minimum skills set:

Personal Care

• Practiced in bottle-feeding, bathing and clothing babies and toddlers.
• Proven skills in maintaining personal hygiene among children and imparting self-care skills.

Activity Development and Implementation

• Extensive knowledge regarding various age-specific intellectually stimulating activity development.
• Creative activity designer with a track record of devising exciting and productive activities for students of all ages.

Light Housekeeping

• Competent in general housekeeping tasks, laundry, and light meal preparation.
• Demonstrated ability to maintain the house in a neat, clean, and orderly manner.
• Profound knowledge of age-specific nutritional requirements of children.


• Effective verbal and written communication skills.
• Good listener with a profound ability to build rapport with kids and their parents.
• Proven ability to maintain active communication channels with the kid’s parents, teachers, and guardians.
• Proficient in keeping progress records of children.


• Proven ability to handle inter-child conflicts through active intervening.
• Practical skills in teaching children basic personal safety and self-support skills.
• Expert in offering emotional support to children in stress.

Child Supervision

• Vigilant and agile individual, competent in supervising kids while they play or study.
• Well practiced in accompanying students to park and social visits.
• Effective in helping children with their homework and reinforcing the curriculum.

Time Management

• Full command on managing time effectively and following a timetable.
• A flexible person with the ability to adapt to necessary last-minute changes in the daily schedule.

Needs Assessment

• Profound acumen in changing the psycho-social, physical, and cognitive developmental needs of children as they grow.

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