Childcare Caregiver Job Description and Skills

Updated on: May 11, 2019

Childcare Caregivers are responsible for maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for young children.

They need to work in a family-centered program and adapt themselves as per the requirements of the families.



Below is a bullet list of typical duties and skills for a childcare caregiver position.

These statements will be useful for employers who want to advertise a Childcare Caregiver job.

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Childcare Caregiver Job Description

• Arrange activities for children and provide them with the chance to make the most of their curiosity.

• Attend to the personal hygiene of every child such as changing diapers/soiled clothes and washing hands.

• Play with kids and get down on the floor to relate to them.

• Assist in the creation of a classroom setting conducive to learning and suitable to the physical, social, and emotional growth of students.

• Formulate plans for language development and literacy skills.

• Assist in the choice of books, equipment and other instructional materials suitable for the early childhood program.

• Maintain a safe environment based on security standards.

• Help other employees in preparing meals for children as necessary.

• Clean and organize children rooms and handle any dangerous equipment.

• Work helpfully and efficiently as a team member by actively communicating information.

• Assist in the growth and facilitation of interactive parent and child literacy activities.

• Maintain a friendly and helpful relationship with each child’s family and encourage their involvement in the program.

• Work together with the children in a way which promote admiration and development.

• Support the social and emotional growth and well-being of children.



Childcare Caregiver Skills

• Knowledge working in busy early childhood setting.

• Flexible to meet the requirements of the children and the program.

• Ability to converse in the native language(s) of program recipients.

• Enthusiastic to work with children belonging from diverse cultures.

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