Tile Installer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on November 7, 2014

All set with an impressive resume to apply for a tile installer position? Great! Don’t forget to add a cover letter to your application. Here are some tips that will come in handy as you write your tile installer cover letter:

Tile Installer Cover Letter Tips:

• Focus on the organization’s needs in your letter. Communicate that you know what they are looking for and you offer the skill set they demand.

• Use a tone that is in alignment to the culture of the firm.

• Try to avoid usage of the words I and me. Though the letter is about your skills but it has to be employer centered.

• Clearly answer the ‘why should we hire you question’ with special reference to one or two of your wanted skills.

Below is a well written cover letter for tile installer resume.

Tile Installer Cover Letter Sample

November 6, 2014

Ms. Grace Richardson
HR Manager
Peppermill Co
780 Rustic Boulevard
Reno, NV 87333


Dear Ms. Richardson:

Being a perfectionist, my work is known for its neatness and consistency.

Well-versed in installation of tiles, marble, backer board and drywall I also bring expertise in VCT removal and installation all of which are prerequisites of your advertised tile installer position. Along with a sound reputation of always completing projects in a timely manner, I bring track record of maintaining cosmetic aesthetics of assigned buildings and work spaces. Well versed in understanding and executing blue prints, I’m an expert in attaching decorative material securely to ceiling and floor.

I have highlighted my core competencies below for your and attached my resume for your consideration.

• Competent in installation of commercial tiles, marble, terrazzo and glass panels for decorative and protective purposes.

• Expert in measuring and cutting marble with accuracy.

• Proficient in removing and replacing damaged or discolored tiles without disturbing the base or surrounding tiles.

• Proven skills in machine based floor polishing and mortar base development for flooring.

My skills in measuring, cutting and cracking tiles neatly and accurately to the desired shape and size are noteworthy and could definitely be put to productive use at Peppermill. I believe Peppermill could also benefit from my proven ability of applying perfectly leveled surface of mixture to walls for tile and marble installation which lays the grounds for a neat tile installation.

I would welcome the opportunity of meeting you in order to relate my profile further with the advertised job. I shall call your office within two days to answer your queries regarding my qualifications and to obtain an interview date.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Gary Hilton

Attached: Resume