3 Sous Chef Resume Examples [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: December 27, 2022

Sous chefs hold the second most important position in a kitchen, the first being that of head chef. They are required to oversee the operations of a kitchen by making sure that food preparation is done correctly and that food planning and production activities are efficiently managed.

It is essential for sous chefs to follow standard operating procedures to ensure food quality. Also, it is also imperative for them to maintain hygiene and sanitation standards.

The physical demands of this position are high; you have to stand on your feet for long periods, and you will be exposed to extreme temperatures. That is why it is essential for sous chefs to be physically agile.

If you want to write an excellent resume for a sous chef position, you will have to make the quality of your content high while keeping your resume precise and to the point.

When you write precisely, you will win the hiring manager’s favor as you will be deemed a skilled individual that can outperform in the sous chef capacity.

The following resume samples will provide applicants with insight into writing their qualifications and skills.

Sous Chef Resume Sample 1

Ramon Cunningham
875 Edgewood Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10212
(000) 547-9343


Eager to set ABC Restaurant apart from its competitors.

Passionate culinary professional with a 12+ years’ track record of operating large-scale kitchens. Well-versed in planning and directing food preparation activities. A dedicated leader who is known for motivating culinary staff and handling operational problems such as staff absenteeism and underperformance.

• Hands-on experience in producing diversified menus following the restaurant’s policies and procedures.
• Documented success in planning food designs to create perfect matches between different dishes’ physical appearance and tastes.
• Focused on maintaining standards of food quality by providing kitchen workers with training and overseeing their work regularly.
• Competent at ensuring hygiene and food safety standards are met at all stages of food preparation.

• Menu Development • Recipe Improvement
• Food Safety and Hygiene • Garnishing
• Staff Scheduling • Process Monitoring
• Equipment Operations • Standards Maintenance
• Training and Development • Inventory & Cost Control
• Banquet and Catering • Cross-marketing


Sous Chef
Rock Restaurant, Yonkers, NY
8/2011 – Present
Key Results and Achievements
• Incorporated a dieter’s section within the main menu which increased the customer base by 45%.
• Introduced a kitchen process monitoring procedure, which decreased slackness by 30%.
• Won the “Culinary Excellence Award” from the American Food Standards Association 4 times in a row.
• Successfully handled food preparation duties for three major events simultaneously, all of them managed without a hitch.
Key Responsibilities
• Assist in developing menus to cater to the varying needs of customers.
• Create recipes following specified directives set by the head chef.
• Determine costs of food items and ensure that they are within the set budget.
• Ensure that food preparation activities are handled according to standards of quality and consistency.
• Maintain sanitation procedures so that they adhere to OSHA standards.
• Handle food and kitchen equipment inventories and coordinate efforts with procurement managers to ensure on-time delivery of supplies.
• Maintain food storage areas and ensure that food items are properly rotated and stocked.
• Create schedules for kitchen staff members and ensure that they follow established schedules correctly.
• Make portion control for each order and ensure that any complaints or suggestions are taken into account.
• Conduct food tastings and provide feedback to ensure constant quality control.

Kitchen Helper
Captain Cook’s, Yonkers, NY
11/2008 – 8/2011
Key Responsibilities
• Prepared ingredients, by cutting, chopping, and marinating meat, vegetables, and fruits.
• Ascertained that appropriate portions are maintained on plates and platters.
• Handled cleaning and maintenance duties around the kitchen, including equipment maintenance and minor repairs.
• Provided help in gathering and washing soiled dishes and putting them away on shelves.
• Managed supplies inventory and ensured that low stock levels were communicated to the chef or sous chef on an immediate basis.

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Community College, Yonkers, NY

Current New York Food Handler Certificate

Sous Chef Resume Sample 2

John Smith
37th Example Avenue
Berkeley, CA 65239
Contact #
Email Address


Committed to delivering excellence in culinary service.

Passionate sous chef with 18 years of progressively responsible experience in managing kitchen operations and supervising staff. Demonstrated ability to prepare hygienic and delicious food following a prescribed menu, recipes, and techniques. Well-versed in assigning responsibilities to the culinary team. Known for setting deadlines to ensure the timely completion of work.

• Able to create and maintain excellent rapport with patrons and co-workers.
• Competent at preparing and organizing banquets as well as restaurant meals.
• Good communication organizational and management skills
• High level of personal hygiene
• Bilingual: Fluent in English, Spanish
• Ability to resolve conflicts efficiently
• Attention to detail – Ability to quickly discover and solve problems


Sous Chef
July 2015 – Present
• Assisted and supported the executive chef in routine and specific tasks
• Ensured customers are served well on time and effectively
• Helped with the planning of menus and meals
• Maintained high food quality and presentation
• Supervised the preparation and service of food
• Rotated products to avoid spoilage
• Handled concerns in the kitchen
• Trained and oversaw kitchen workforce on recipe procedures, preparation, and cleaning duties
• Assisted the sales and cuisine team
• Monitored food expenditure
• Performed product inventory
• Helped the executive chef pick and train kitchen personnel
• Assisted cooks in the preparation, cooking, and presentation of different foods in the restaurant and banquets

Assistant Sous Chef
Dec 2008 – July 2015
• Provided guidance and support to all kitchen staff
• Ensured that all food served is appropriately arranged and met quality standards
• Assured that kitchen work is completed within the timelines
• Gave instructions to cooking workers on fine points of cooking
• Maintained hygiene standards of kitchen and equipment
• Directed and instructed kitchen personnel in their tasks
• Prepared individual orders when requested
• Ensured food preparation procedures for quality, uniformity, and accurateness
• Reviewed delivered product and ensured appropriate storage
• Observed employees engaged in portioning, preparing, and garnishing foods
• Ensured the defined methods of cooking and garnishing

Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts
AAA College, Berkeley, CA

Serve Safe Certification

Sous Chef Resume Sample 3

Belinda Carr
8 NE Autumn Rose Way
Hillsboro, OR 34262
(000) 909-9199

Sous Chef

• Over 4 years of experience working as a Sous Chef in busy kitchens
• Exceptionally proficient in assisting the executive chef in meeting and exceeding the employer’s expectations
• Known for offering professional and friendly guest service concerning food and beverages
• Able to supervise all levels of culinary staff
• Well-versed in advanced cooking techniques


Sous Chef
ABC Restaurant, Hillsboro, OR
• Conduct daily shift briefings
• Actively interact with guests
• Establish daily priorities and delegate work to culinary staff
• Review daily specials
• Communicate additions and changes in assignments
Selected Achievements
• Improved order managing system by employing menu changes and training staff to take accurate orders.
• Guided existing team about new methods of cooking and garnishing dishes.

Sous Chef
GT Hospitality, Hillsboro, OR
• Took physical inventory of food items
• Instructed cooking staff about cooking methods
• Ensured that the kitchen was equipped with cooking tools and supplies
• Ensured kitchen sanitation and hygiene
• Developed new menu items

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts

Certified Professional Food Manager Certification

• Proven ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment
• Outstanding guest service skills
• Exceptional time management qualities and teamwork acumen
• Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish

“I am Skilled in all styles of cooking and have strong teamwork abilities to orchestrate a positive kitchen environment.”

Sous Chef Job Description for Resume

Working as a sous chef means that you will be performing some or all of the duties below. You can use these job description statements to build your resume.

  • Ensure smooth operations of the kitchen, especially in the absence of the head chef.
  • Handle food purchasing and storage activities.
  • Ensure a safe and hygienic kitchen environment by following standard operating procedures.
  • Oversee the work of kitchen staff, such as preparation and marinating activities.
  • Assist head chef in menu planning and recipe creation activities.
  • Train kitchen staff in controlling ingredient use.
  • Carry out inventory control duties and make sure of high standards of food safety.
  • Schedule kitchen staff’s tasks and ensure that sufficient staff is available at all times.
  • Supervise the work of kitchen staff and provide input where needed.
  • Work with the head chef to understand current restaurant trends.
  • Ensure that quality and cost standards are continuously maintained.
  • Assist in interviewing, hiring, and training kitchen staff.
  • Act as a bridge between kitchen staff and customers.
  • Work as an auxiliary chef during times of staff shortage.
  • Ensure that kitchen employees adhere to uniforms and grooming standards.
  • Take staff suggestions and assign tasks to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the kitchen, washing areas, and equipment are clean and in good working order.

Sous Chef Skills for Resume

The skills portion of your resume is what will do the job. Fill it up with information on how well you can handle the duties that will be entrusted to you once you are hired.

Make sure that the way you word your phrases is the way the employer wants you to.

You can use the following skills statements in a sous chef resume.

  1. Proficient in providing assistance in the creation of menus and recipes, by focusing on the culinary preferences of patrons.
  2. Adept at handling both food cost and inventory control by employing exceptionally well-placed organization and financial skills.
  3. Able to effectively handle staff supervision and scheduling duties to ensure that no kitchen station is unmanned, especially during staff shortages or rush hours.
  4. Unmatched ability to ensure that the kitchen brigade has high culinary standards through effective training and staff development procedures.
  5. Competent in managing food purchasing and storage activities by ensuring that costs are kept under control and that food spoilage is kept at bay.
  6. Track record of maintaining a safe and hygienic kitchen environment by performing and overseeing sanitation and staff personal hygiene initiatives.
  7. Proven ability to efficiently plan, coordinate, and implement special events and holiday functions by leading banquet or catering services.
  8. Qualified to supervise the preparation and cooking of food items according to the recipe standards.
  9. Documented success in monitoring food production, ordering, cost, and quality to ensure that it meets the quality standards of the organization.
  10. Focused on providing quality customer services by ensuring order accuracy, timeliness, and appropriate portioning of food items on dishes and platters.
Job Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this position, you need to possess a high school diploma at the very least and complete a culinary or apprenticeship program.