Pastry Chef Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 13, 2020
Pastry Chef Job Description

Pastry chefs work in many culinary environments where they are required to create pastries and desserts of different types depending on menus.

They make a massive array of baking items and are generally responsible for looking after the training and coaching needs of the restaurant or hotel that they work in.

Pastry chefs also work in pastry and bakeshops where their job is to ensure that all shelves are stocked appropriately and that all customers are well taken care of in terms of their orders. They ensure that cakes are decorated creatively and accurately and that proper labeling and dating of all products are managed.

On a more detailed level, pastry chefs are required to introduce new baking ideas and provide creative designs for decorations. They create various products from absolute scratch which is why they are tested on a deep level before being hired. They need to possess a working knowledge of baking and decorating equipment along with a keen ability to maintain the equipment and tools that they work with.

The job of a pastry chef does not end at baking and decorating pastry. They also need to be great administrators as they are usually responsible for a team of professional bakers working under them. At bakeshops, pastry chefs are also required to man the front desk and perform cashier functions.

Being a pastry chef requires creativity and the love of baking which is why most pastry chefs are not trained. People with inborn creativity and baking talent usually opt for this job and whatever little training is needed is provided on the job.

Sample Job Duties for Pastry Chef Resume

  • Bought¬†raw materials to bake and decorate pastries
  • Prepared a wide variety of desserts and bread items
  • Ensured pastry equipment meets health and safety regulations
  • Ensured the right quality of ingredients and weighed ingredients
  • Operated automatic and manual ovens to bake pastry and cakes
  • Finished, glazed, and decorated baked goods
  • Managed inventory and controlled cost
  • Innovated new recipes and menus
  • Organized schedules of culinary workers
  • Conducted food tastings tasks before serving
  • Made sugar free pastries for particular clients
  • Consulted with clients regarding bakery items
  • Ensured pastries and desserts meet quality standards
  • Estimated food and labor costs
  • Handled relevant equipment
  • Recruited and hired junior staff
  • Trained, developed and supervised culinary staff
  • Maintained the cleanliness of bakery equipment and utensils