Restaurant Cashier Job Description for Resume

Updated June 24, 2016

Position Overview

Restaurant cashiers perform a lot of cash handling activities along with assisting in managing order taking and preparing duties. In some restaurants, they may be expected to simply operate POS systems while in others, their duties go beyond just cash handling.

If you are working for a fast food restaurant, you may be the first person that customers meet, so it is important to make a positive impression on them. Also, since you will be working with money, it is imperative for you to be especially well-versed in handling cash – employers scrutinize applicants for this position quite deeply to ensure that they are individuals with integrity.


In order to be considered for a restaurant cashier position, a job seeker has to possess a high school diploma or a GED in addition to exceptional customer service skills. You have to be good with numbers and calculations if you want to work as a cashier in any capacity. Additionally, you need to be a great problem solver since you will be presented with many instances where you might need to handle irate customers or resolve cash drawer discrepancies.

Restaurant Cashier Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers and provide them with the menu and ensure that any discounts or deals are communicated to them
• Ascertain that customers are being serviced by waiters or attendants by coordinating the liaison
• Sum up customers’ totals and print out bills after ensuring that the amounts are accurate
• Process cash and credit and debit card payments and tender change and receipts
• Balance cash drawers at the end of each shift and make sure that any discrepancies are resolved prior to closedown
• Count cash at the beginning of each shift and ensure that sufficient change is available
• Fill out bank deposit slips and deposit all earned cash at the end of the day
• Provide assistance to waiters during rush hours by preparing and packing orders
• Take and process orders for takeaway and deliveries and follow up to make sure that they are prepared on time
• Resolve customers’ problems and complaints by providing them with the highest level of services
• Ascertain that inventory of supplies such as condiments, napkins and food items is updated on a constant basis
• Pack food items according to customers’ instructions and ensure that appropriate condiments are added with packed items
• Take reservations over the telephone and in person and ensure that restaurant managers are made aware of them