Pizza Hut Cashier Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: October 16, 2021
Pizza Hut Cashier Job Description

There are several jobs that you can apply for at Pizza Hut – restaurant managers, general managers, and team members who also sometimes double as cashiers.

Cashiers at Pizza Hut will greet customers as they arrive, provide them with information on new and existing deals, take orders, and deliver orders too.

This is not all that they do – cashiers at Pizza Hut are one heck of multi-taskers!

While they are taking take away orders, they punch in the orders in the cash system and offer customers receipts and change.

Once this is done, the cashier or team member will ensure that the kitchen has received order information and expedite to ensure that the customer gets the order on time.

For customers who need to sit and eat at Pizza Hut, cashiers perform a different task. Once an order taker has taken the order, he or she comes to the cashier with the information.

The cashier is required to punch it in the system and take a receipt out. When a customer pays, the cashier is responsible for taking the money, issuing any change required, and providing the order taker with a bill for the customer.

Since cashiers in Pizza Hut are usually placed in strategic positions, they are often the last point of contact for a customer and sometimes the customers don’t even get to see them.

Regardless, they are required to ensure that the daily accounting of the cash register is managed effectively and that no discrepancies occur where the money is concerned.

While taking direct orders from customers, cashiers are required to encourage customers to purchase desserts or side orders.

This is one of the reasons that all cashiers at Pizza Hut are trained in menu information delivery and customer services.

Pizza Hut Cashier Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greet guest upon arrival at the counter
  • Request customer order
  • Use electronic/manual ordering and cashiering system to place an order
  • Get payment and complete transaction
  • Select requested food items from serving or storage areas
  • Assemble items on serving tray/takeout bag
  • Notify kitchen workers of shortages or individual orders
  • Carry out additional duties to prepare food, deal with special customers, maintain the cash drawer
  • Maintain neat eating and serving areas