Head Cashier Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 19, 2021

Typically a supervisory role, the position of a head cashier is full of responsibilities. A cashier who has proved that he is a responsible individual and has worked exceptionally well in this role has a good chance of being promoted to a head cashier’s position.

Contrary to the hiring requirements of other organizations, head cashiers do not need any formal education – most employers may not require even a high school diploma or GED.

Technically, students who may have worked as cashiers for some time are usually eligible to work as head cashiers eventually.

Regular cashiers are usually trained by a head cashier who has more experience on the job.

Ample time on the cash register will provide you with enough experience to qualify for a head cashier’s position.

To be precise, head cashiers move between different cash registers to assist cashiers with their work and to help customers with any problems that they may be facing.

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Some companies hire head cashiers to perform a manager’s job as well. Other duties of a head cashier will include:

Sample Job Description for Head Cashier Resume

• Monitor the work of cashiers on a daily basis
• Create and distribute cashier schedules and till allocation
• Ensure that workload is equally divided between cash registers
• Perform cashier duties during cashiers’ absence or extreme workload
• Supervise the activities of checkout stations constantly
• Handle store operations in the absence of store managers
• Evaluate the performance of cashiers and provide managers with information on appraisals
• Ensure that each customer’s transactions are processed accurately and in a time-efficient manner
• Generate and maintain account-related reports
• Manage bank deposit activities and make sure that cash is counted accurately at the end of each shift
• Reconcile cash with receipts at the end of each turn and make sure that any discrepancies are managed immediately
• Identify and address any accounts related problems on an immediate basis
• Ensure that all items are appropriately displayed on shelves and oversee the maintenance of the store
• Resolve employee conflicts and ensure that any customer complaints are handled immediately
• Interview, hire and train new employees to work as cashiers
• Identify and correct cash register errors and take measures to ensure that further mistakes do not happen
• Maintain and update daily, monthly, and yearly accounts spreadsheets
• Assist with year-end inventory preparation

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