Forecourt Cashier Job Description

Updated on: December 21, 2018

Position Overview

A forecourt cashier typically works at a convenience store that may be part of a gas station.

These individuals are basically hired to handle more than one kind of work.

While cashiering may be their prime duty, they are also required to handle the front end of the work – pumping gas and assisting customers with their queries.


Eligibility requirements to work as a forecourt cashier include a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

If you are great with numbers and calculations, you will be considered a great choice to hire. If not, you will just need to learn!

Since gas stations are usually small affairs, there aren’t many people working on one shift.

So if you are not really a people person, it isn’t such a big deal. Of course, it will help greatly if you are since you will be in contact with customers!

As long as you understand that customer satisfaction is a big thing and can operate a POS, you are good to go!

Most forecourt cashiers are entrusted with other duties apart from merely operating a point of sales system.

They are required to handle the store’s inventory requirements, manage stocking duties, and order new stock as well.

What follows is a list of duties that a forecourt cashier is expected to perform:

Forecourt Cashier Job Description

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the gas station or at the convenience store and engage them in small talk.

• Determine each customer’s individual requirements for gas or products within the convenience store and provide assistance where needed.

• Assist customers in pumping gas into their vehicles and provide them with information on what they owe.

• Direct customers to the correct aisles, according to the location of the products that they intend to buy.

• Locate difficult to find items and provide customers with information on prices and expiry dates.

• Process cash and credit / debit card payments for gas and convenience store items sold and tender change and receipts.

• Keep a lookout for nefarious activities within the store and around the premises of the gas station and alert the authorities in case of attempted burglaries.

• Create and maintain a liaison with vendors of gas and convenience store goods to ensure timely delivery of both.

• Receive shipments of goods and gas supply and ensure that both are properly stored as per company policy.

• Count cash in the cash register at the end of the day, make bank desists while ensuring that any discrepancies are immediately sorted.