Entry-Level Gas Station Cashier Resume No Experience

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Applying for a position as a gas station cashier will require you first to create a resume. 

It will ensure that you are presented to the hiring manager as an individual who knows his work, even if the experience is not a great friend.

Your interest in working as a gas station cashier must be evident in your resume.

When creating an entry-level resume for a gas station cashier position, focus on presenting yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Your knowledge of pumping gas, and handling cashiering services at the associated store must be highlighted.

A short volunteer position or an internship in a similar capacity must also be mentioned if you have one in your name.

A resume sample for a gas station cashier with no prior experience is provided below:

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Gas Station Cashier Resume No Experience

Nora Roberts
44 Cove Street, Essex, VT87022
(000) 325-8547


Highly enthusiastic individual, with a high interest in working as a gas station cashier for ABC Company. Bringing the ability to handle the accounting of a gasoline station’s proceeds. Deeply familiar with pumping gas, and managing security of assigned areas within the gas station.

High School Diploma
Essex High School, Essex, VT – 2018

• Payment Processing
• Bookkeeping
• Customer Service
• Gas Pumping
• Stocking
• Inventory Control
• Vendor Relations
• Items Labeling
• Security


Gas Station Volunteer
BP Gas, Essex, VT
• Greeted customers as they arrived at the store, and inquired about their purpose of visit
• Assisted customers in picking out required items, such as crisps, and drinks
• Accepted and processed payments for pumped gas, as well as items bought from the store
• Tendered change and receipts
• Handled stocking work, and maintained liaison with vendors
• Cleaned and tidied shelves and cash counters

English and Spanish

• Volunteered services at the Grange Orphanage for 3 summer
• Led a team of volunteers to help out at a homeless shelter

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