Home Care Worker Cover Letter

Updated on March 20, 2018

Home Care workers are professional caregivers who provide care to the elderly, disabled or those who cannot care for themselves.

They are required to assess their clients and chart out care plans based on individual needs. There are many things that a care home worker is expected to do including managing personal chores and household duties at the home of a client.

There isn’t a minimum education needed for this position however it is important to be a high school graduate and to possess some information about looking after people.

The following cover letter sample for home care worker resume will guide you how to build a perfect job application.


Home Care Worker Cover Letter Example


309 Valley Drive
Branton, Doncaster DN9 8NB

March 20, 2018

Mr. Adrian John
Manager Human Resources
Sava Care
78 Church Meadow Road
Branton, Doncaster RF6 8KM


Dear Mr. John:

I am writing to apply for Home Care Worker position at Sava Care. Providing high-quality personal care is a challenge! I am eager to take this challenge by giving particular attention to your clients. Comprehending the need to maintain clients’ dignity at all times, I take special care in managing their chores in a confidential manner which has made me popular with most of my employers.

As required, I am highly skilled in:

• Providing personal care and hygiene to clients
• Maintaining records relating to the service
• Promoting independence of clients
• Identifying and reporting incidents and risks
• Provide personal care; bathing, washing, shaving, oral hygiene, etc

My competencies lie in my ability to chart-out specialized care plans for my wards and to employ these plans with the best of care and consideration. I have some medical background which helps me in administering medication and IVs when needed. Previously working in a facility that catered to people with physical disabilities, I am conversant with assisting with physical therapy and exercises as well.

With my ability to organize resources and time based on the individual needs, I consider myself an excellent choice for the position of a Home Care Worker at Sava Care. I’ll call your office next week to ask for a time when we can meet and discuss how I can be a positive addition to your facility.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Carol James
carol @ email . co,

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