Home Care Worker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: March 30, 2022
Home Care Worker Job Description

A home care worker’s main job is to provide in-home personal assistance to clients.

The work primarily includes determining clients’ specific care needs and then providing them with corresponding care.

As a home care worker, you will be performing a wide array of duties, such as performing light housekeeping tasks and running errands.

You will also be accompanying clients to doctors’ appointments, and observing and overseeing clients’ physical and emotional conditions.

A list of duties that a home care worker performs is provided below. You can use these phrases to build your resume or cover letter.

Home Care Worker Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Check assigned clients’ medical, and personal charts to determine their needs.
  • Engage family members in conversation to decipher personal care requirements.
  • Converse with clients in order to make them comfortable.
  • Provide personal services such as help with washing, bathing, and toileting.
  • Perform light housekeeping tasks including dusting, and changing bed linen.
  • Observe clients to ensure that they are well both physically, and emotionally.
  • Take and record clients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure readings.
  • Properly log all clients’ information into their charts.
  • Encourage clients to participate in physical, and/or, mental activities.
  • Provide emotional support, and lead clients through emotional disturbances, and incidents.
  • Coordinate doctors’ appointments, and accompany clients to their appointments.
  • Create and implement a daily routine, best suited to each client’s specific situation.
  • Prepare meals in accordance with clients likes, and medical requirements.
  • Administer medication in accordance with doctors’ orders.
  • Turn and reposition bedridden patients, to ensure that bedsores do not transpire.
  • Assist clients with mobility issues, to get around their houses.
  • Support exercise sessions with physical therapists.
  • Ensure complete, and continuous cleanliness and sanitization of clients’ living areas.
  • Teach patients to look after themselves, and train in using canes and walkers.
  • Provide housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Run errands such as grocery shopping, or paying bills on the clients’ request.
  • Monitor clients constantly, and communicate issues to family members.
  • Follow standards and procedures to ensure a healthy environment for clients at all times.

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Home Care Worker Education Requirements

There are no specific educational requirements to work as a home care worker. However, one does need to be trained in the work.

Training helps aspiring home care workers in determining what their clients need and providing them with continuously high-quality personal care services.

Home Care Worker Skills Requirements

In order to perform well as a home care worker, one has to possess a solid skill set, including knowledge of providing personal hygiene and grooming care.

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