Childcare is a sensitive arena and only the very skilled and the very patient can work effectively as childcare workers. Childcare workers look after children of working parents – children who are too young to go to school. They are expected to provide all the services a mother provides including love and personal care.

Childcare workers are required to provide children with an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. They are usually employed in private household settings where they are expected to establish routines on a daily basis and encourage their wards to follow them.

Depending on what the age of the ward is, a childcare worker will be expected to change diapers, bathe, clothe and feed them in a manner appropriate to their physical and nutritional needs. They may also be expected to perform some household tasks such as cleaning and laundering but this depends entirely on the individual childcare worker’s job description.

The skills needed to perform the job of a childcare worker are many and all are very important. Look below some of these skills to build your  Childcare Resume.


Sample Skills for Childcare Position


• Track record of success looking after children of all ages

• Conversant with age appropriate personal grooming and feeding activities

• Ability to manage children’s emotional, social and educational needs

• Functional knowledge of mediating social interactions

• Strong knowledge of providing a safe environment for children

• Team oriented attitude with a profound ability to multitask

• Physically dexterous to work for long hours

• Child / infant CPR certified

• Active listening skills to handle the needs of children

• Effectively communicates with parents and other care providers

• Social perceptiveness

• Special talent for monitoring child’s progress

• Knowledge of devising age appropriate developmental programs

• Critical thinking and analytic skills

• Great persuasion ability