Caretaking Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 2, 2018

Position Overview

Caretakers are an essential part of the maintenance team in any establishment. They are required to provide many services such as opening and closing gates and entrances, ensuring that the premises are securely managed after lockdown and managing the security alarm.

Caretakers may work on rotating shifts as in most establishments they double as guards as well. You will find caretakers working on night shifts as well as during the day as their role demands it which is why they are usually rotated on an 8-hour shift. A significant part of their work in cleaning and general maintenance of the premises

Since caretakers are part of the maintenance team, they are required to manage minor repair work on buildings. This may include replacing bulbs, repairing windows and even doing painting jobs. They also manage administrative tasks such as retrieving supplies and purchasing parts for machinery.

Let us look at some of the duties that a caretaker is expected to perform. These statements can be utilized to advertise the caretaker position or writing a caretaker resume.

Caretaking Duties and Responsibilities

• Guard all entrances to the establishment

• Lock up and open the premises on a daily basis

• Clean lobbies and hallways

• Manage laundry and clean windows, light fixtures, and walls

• Dust furniture and fittings and mop floors

• Vacuum carpets and wash them down on a periodical basis

• Manage trash free lawns and grounds

• Manage landscaping activities

• Paint and decorate walls using wallpapers

• Perform administrative duties such as inventory management and supplies procurement

• Manage routine errands such as purchasing parts and machinery equipment

• Cut grass and manage general office maintenance

• Ensure routine and preventive maintenance

• Clear blockages and clean up spills

• Dispose of waste material as appropriate

• Monitor stock levels to ensure the continuous supply of materials

• Manage fence maintenance and hedges

• Maintain equipment and tools needed for the maintenance tasks

• Coordinate general repairs as instructed

• Operate heating systems and perform maintenance on them