Entry Level IT Help Desk Cover Letter No Experience

Updated: April 7, 2022

A cover letter must always accompany your resume for the IT Help Desk job. For an entry-level position, a cover letter is even more important.

Since entry-level IT Help Desk resumes do not have much experience to rely upon, the cover letter becomes the only source of conveying your real potential to the prospective employer.

Even if you can’t showcase prior experience, you can still highlight your expertise and competencies in your cover letter.

It is better to use bullet points in your cover letter.

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Below is one entry-level IT Helpdesk cover letter for the assistance of candidates who have no experience.

Sample Entry Level IT Help Desk Cover Letter No Experience

Dave Martin
77 Fiedler Ave, Irving, TX 47656
(002) 444-1111
dave. Martin @ email . com

April 7, 2022

Ms. Kelly Rover
Hiring Manager
97 Bell Bush Lane
Irving, TX 47656

Dear Ms. Rover:

I’m writing to express a strong interest in obtaining the IT Help Desk Assistant position at Verizon. As a self-driven and highly motivated IT graduate, I offer exceptional skills in IT assistance, helpdesk handling, software troubleshooting, and network management.

The following is a brief overview of my proficiencies in relation to your job description:

  • Skilled in software troubleshooting especially in MS office suite, java, and flash-based programs.
  • Competent at installation and troubleshooting of independent and shared LANs, Wi-Fis, and DSLs.
  • Proficient in scanning and debugging systems through effective firewall management and installation of modern anti-viruses/malware.
  • Special talent for maintaining Laptops and desktops, installing windows, Mac, and other operating systems.
  • Possess expertise in computer formatting and hard disk configurations needed from time to time.
  • Adept at data retrieval in cases of sudden crash downs or unexpected power failures. Familiar with backup-keeping techniques and strategies to recover apparently lost data.
  • Thorough understanding of confidentiality policies associated with helpdesk job.

Keeping in view the match between my competencies and your needs, I am confident that I am the ideal candidate. I will call your office after a few days to pursue this application and possibly secure an interview date and time. In the interim, should you require any documents or information, please contact me at (004) 666-8889.

Thank you for considering my credentials for an IT Help Desk job at Verizon.


Dave Martin

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