Tim Hortons Resume Example (+6 Writing Tips)

Updated October 28, 2022
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A resume is an important document that is required to apply for a job at Tim Hortons.

You have to write your resume diligently and include relevant information in it. That is because when the hiring manager reads a resume, they usually give a quick look to determine whether or not the resume is worth their time.

How to Write a Great Resume for a Job at Tim Hortons?
  1. Start your resume with a summary or objective statement that presents your strengths in a nutshell.
  2. Write about how you contributed to your previous job.
  3. If your previous job is not relevant, you can relate some of your non-relevant experiences to the job you are applying for. Show how your experience has prepared you for the current role.
  4. Allow some white space to relieve the reader’s eye and avoid dense text blocks.
  5. Use a simple format that is easy to read.
  6. Proofread your resume before sending it.

Here is a resume example for candidates seeking a team member position at Tim Hortons.

Sample Resume for Tim Hortons Team Member Job

James Grayson
322 Grandeur Ave
Victor, NY 67999
(000) 956-8545
james @ email . com

Customer service-oriented team member with 9 years of experience in the food service and cashiering field. Expert in handling POS, greeting customers, and guiding them regarding the menu and specialties of the day. Ability to take and prepare orders, make/serve warm coffee and donuts, and collect payments. Sound knowledge of various types of coffee and bakery specialties. Proficient in operating electronic inventory systems.

– Food Service – Cash Drawer Operation
– Bill Generation – Food Packaging
– Order Synchronization – Material Replenishing
– Inventory Keeping – POS Operation
– Communication – Food Items Display
– Kitchen Assistance – Order Processing


Food Counter Attendant
ABC Restaurant, Toronto, ON
Sep 2017 – Present
• Greet customers and guide them regarding products available on the menu
• Take guest’s orders and process the same quickly
• Pack or serve the ordered meals as per client preference
• Provide timely and courteous food and beverage services
• Generate bills and collect payments
Selected Achievements
• Up-sold hand-brewed latte by 50% through effective promotion of the technique and specialty.
• Reduced order processing time by up to 10% by implementing time-economizing strategies for order compilation and processing.
• Introduced cost-effective takeaway packaging, which reduced overhead costs by $5000 per month.

Drive-thru Cashier
CAFÉ 26, Victor, NY
Aug 2013 – Sep 2015
• Greeted customers and took their orders
• Forwarded the orders and generated bills
• Collected and processed payments in cash and through credit cards
• Responded to customer queries regarding menu items and billing

Graduated in 2012
ABC High School, Victor, NY

• Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
• Able to outperform in team-oriented and fast-paced environment