Cafeteria Worker Resume Objectives

Updated on April 2, 2018

Cafeteria workers work in cafeterias of schools, colleges, universities, offices and the like establishments.

They may work part time or full time depending on the timings of the cafeteria and usually perform food preparation and serving duties. They report to the cafeteria manager and are expected to perform a lot of duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the cafeteria.

Cafeteria workers usually work double as servers and cooks and even cleaners. They ensure that the customers’ orders are taken efficiently and delivered promptly.

They also clean tables and counters and ensure that all kitchen utensils and equipment is maintained and clean. Cafeteria workers need to have a knack for serving and food preparation which is the only prerequisite for this position. A food handling certificate is crucial as it adds a touch of expertise to the application.

Following are some resume objectives that also add something extra to a resume. You use these when applying for a job as a Cafeteria Worker.


Cafeteria Worker Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a Cafeteria Worker position with the Vermont State University’s Café utilizing knowledge of safe cafeteria practices to serve the students and staff of the university most efficiently.

• Seeking a Cafeteria Worker position at Nashville High School using strong customer service skills, proficiency in food handling and the ability to perform multiple duties simultaneously.

• A Cafeteria Worker position at Sava Senior Health. Offering expertise in food handling and serving, and cooking large quantities of food.

• To obtain a position as a Cafeteria Worker at Tutors’ College. Bringing a track record of success managing food service for students following the best practices in health and safety processes.

• To work as a Cafeteria Worker with Core Concepts where skills in managing corporate cafes regarding food service and preparation will be fully utilized to achieve the highest level of guests’ satisfaction.

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