Cafeteria Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 23, 2022
Position Overview

Cafeteria workers perform a lot of activities from food preparation to serving.

They are hired by schools, colleges, office buildings, and hospitals where their main duty is to prepare food items on the menu, take orders, and serve prepared food to awaiting customers or students.

A person working in this capacity reports to the cafeteria head, or to the food and beverage manager, depending on the individual setting that he or she works in.

Once you have had some exposure to working as a cafeteria worker, you can apply for a position in a restaurant as well, in a waiter or food server capacity.

To see what duties you will need to mention in a cafeteria worker resume, refer to the bullet list below:

Cafeteria Worker Job Description for Resume

• Assist customers/students/staff members in finding appropriate seating as they enter the cafeteria.

• Provide menus and information on the day’s specials and assist customers in making ordering decisions.

• Take orders from customers and provide them with a timeline for when their orders will be ready and delivered.

• Relay order information to the kitchen area and assist kitchen workers in preparing them according to established recipes.

• Maintain proper portions on plates and platters before serving them to customers.

• Served food and beverage orders and inquired into customers’ wishes to order additional items.

• Clear away tables when customers leave and ensure that they are properly cleaned and sanitized.

• Assist kitchen workers in washing dishes, glassware, and flatware, and storing them away properly.

• Replenish supplies such as napkins and condiments on designated shelves and provide supervisors/managers with information on low stock situations.

• Ensure that food and supplies inventory is properly managed, by creating and mainlining effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers.

Job Requirements

Working as a cafeteria worker means that you will have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

Many students take up this work to get themselves through college, or as part-time work during school sessions.

One has to be on his or her feet at all times while working in this role, and possess deep insight into food and beverage service.

In addition to this, it is imperative for cafeteria workers to be physically dexterous as they have to carry heavy food trays to and from tables.

Good time management and organizational skills, the ability to take and relay orders accurately, and customer focus are all important aspects of working as a cafeteria worker.