Cafeteria Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: September 28, 2018

Cafeteria managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of cafeterias within an institute or facility. Employed widely to manage cafeteria operations in schools, universities, and hospitals, cafeteria managers hire and train staff and oversee operations of the facility. They also ensure that food preparation activities are appropriately managed so that the facility’s standards are met adequately.

To work as a cafeteria manager, you need to possess some supervisory experience of the foodservice industry; minimum education requirements are a highs school diploma or a GED.

A potential employer is more likely to consider you for this position if your resume reflects some food service management experience. Have a look at the following resume sample for this position which will help you write one of your own.


Cafeteria Manager Resume Example


Zoe Nathan
901 Hillside Drive, Marksville, LA 627901
(999) 999-9999, Email


Foodservice expert with in-depth knowledge of administering and reinforcing food service policies to maximize the efficiency of the workforce in a cafeteria setting. Strong background in estimating food preparation amounts and adjusting recipes accordingly. Proficient in monitoring food service operations following safety, cleanliness and sanitation protocols.

• Ensured constant availability of food items by revamping the cafeteria’s inventory system
• Kept well under budget by incorporating bulk buying activities of non-perishable cafeteria goods
• Trained seven people as cafeteria workers within three months, right in time for the cafeteria’s opening
• Created two types of cafeteria menus boasting of both regular and health food items


Cafeteria Manager
State University, Marksville, LA      2013-present
• Plan and coordinate food preparation activities
• Evaluate prepared food for flavor and quality
• Create and implement menus keeping in mind nutritional value and students’ interest
• Inspect food to verify quality, quantity, and specifications
• Manage inventories of food items, condiments, and supplies
• Monitor food service operations to ensure appropriate service
• Interview, hire and train cafeteria workers
• Provide cafeteria workers with work schedules and duties
• Oversee the preparation, cooking and serving of food and beverage items
• Address student and faculty concerns and complaints regarding food and service quality

Cafeteria Worker
Louisiana State University, Marksville, LA       2004-2013
• Took food and beverage orders from students and faculty
• Prepared food items in accordance to recipes
• Ensured that prepared items conform to quality standards
• Served ready food items
• Bussed and cleaned table tops and chairs
• Clean up cafeteria work areas and counters
• Ensured appropriate supply of condiments and food items

• Exceptional knowledge of cafeteria operations aimed at operating successful foodservice programs
• A keen insight into managing meal program records, cash summaries, and time sheets
• Highly experienced in supervising food service workers to maximize efficiency
• Profound knowledge of dietetic principles, food sanitation, and food service operations

Associate in Food Service Management
Marksville Technical College, Marksville, LA