School Cafeteria Cashier Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 3, 2017

A School Cafeteria Cashier cover letter can take many forms – one that hits the hiring manager at a level that he or she wants it to, is the one.

Writing a cover letter of this sort is not easy, and can actually become quite a nerve-wracking job.

But it is not all that difficult if you put your head to it.

Remember that a cover letter is nothing more than what your capabilities and accomplishments are where a certain type of work is concerned. If you can successfully place this information in a cover letter, it is all that you need to reach the next step.

It hardly matters what position you are applying for. A cover letter has to be perfectly written no matter what the position it. However, writing a cover letter for any position can be riddled with uncertainties. How do you make sure that yours is the best read out there? The following cover letter sample will give you ideas:


School Cafeteria Cashier Cover Letter Sample



December 2, 2017

Mr. Joshua Brown
Human Resource Manager
Moses Lake High School
58 Curry Avenue
Moses Lake, WA 34423


Dear Mr. Brown:

Cashiering in a school cafeteria capacity is something that I am highly experienced in, having done this work for over 6 years now. But do not for a moment believe that cashiering is all that I know. Completely comprehending the fact that cafeterias are busy environments, I have trained myself to handle not just payments processing, but some part of handling orders and food preparation as well.

Owing to the fact that I am exceptionally talented in operating both standard and complex POS systems, especially those linked with school administrative databases, I will be able to handle the work immediately, and with minimal training.

Also, I am well-versed in balancing cash drawers, ensuring that no discrepancies ensue, and that any issues that do arise are handled immediately so that they do not impact accounting procedures. Moreover, my skills in handling food preparation and serving duties is much above par of that of my contemporaries, as I am exceptionally experienced in all areas pertaining to student and teacher service, in terms of cafeteria operations.

Knowing fully well that once you have met with me, you too will agree that I am the best choice for a Cafeteria Cashier at Moses Lake High School, I will contact you soon for a personal meeting. In the meantime, you may call me if you need any further information.




Greta Dune
(000) 745-4512
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