Radiology Aide Interview: 6 Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 24, 2023

How does the thought of appearing for an interview make you feel?

If anxious or a similar word is your answer, there must be one thing lacking – preparation. Interviews should excite you, not make you feel unhappy or scared.

Appearing for a Radiology Aide interview may seem like a daunting thought, but if you are well-prepared for it, you can kiss the uncertainties goodbye. Making sure that you know what is expected of you at the interview table is important. Delivering it properly is even more so.

A set of interview questions and answers for the position of radiology aide is provided below for your reference:

Radiology Aide Interview Questions and Answers

1. As a radiology aide, what duties have you performed previously?
While working as a radiology aide, I have been responsible for assisting patients in understanding procedures, providing them with help in changing in and out of gowns, setting up and calibrating radiology equipment, processing and assembling radiology films, and ensuring that all patients’ files are properly and confidentially handled.

2. What set of skills do you think are important when working as a radiology aide?
I believe it is important to have had some exposure to a medical setting, especially in diagnostics. Deep knowledge of working with and maintaining radiology equipment and processing films is also important. Additionally, one needs to possess great communication and interpersonal skills so that both patient and inter-departmental liaison is made successful.

3. Why did you opt to work as a radiology aide?
An internship at The Sava Care Hospital led me to this line of work. As an intern, I was rotated in different departments within the hospital, and I soon realized that working in radiology was my niche.

4. Have you ever been faced with an emergent situation involving a patient?
To many, it seems as if working in a radiology department is a piece of cake. But we do have our own share of emergencies. I once had to give CPR to a patient who had a pre-existing heart condition and collapsed at the X-ray table.

5. In your role as a radiology aide, how important do you feel patient relations are?
I’d give it a top priority. It is imperative for radiology aides to be able to connect with the patients whom they are attending to, in order to make them comfortable and understand procedures.

6. Where does this career path lead you eventually?
At this point in time, I am still learning the ropes. Soon, I hope to train as a radiologist.