6 Costco Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Updated January 13, 2022
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Your resume and cover letter are done and sent to Costco.

Now, it’s time to wait for the real test. The interview!

Does the thought make you feel challenged?

Well, interviews are significant milestones in our lives, so it makes sense when we get a bit scared of them. However, you can minimize the extent of this fear by preparing for the process in advance.

Every interview is different so you cannot possibly expect to be given a recipe for success in acing one.

But one thing does remain consistent, and that is the fact that interviews are best conducted when the candidate is confident.

To see what questions and answers you might be asked at the interview for a cashier position at Costco, here is a set to help you:

Costco Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are some of the skills that you will bring to Costco in the role of a cashier?

I am an experienced cashier with over six years of exposure to working in this capacity at Walmart and Macy’s. With my ability to handle a vast array of cashiering duties including POS operations, drawer balancing, returns and exchanges processing, and providing reconciliation services, I am a great contender to be considered for a cashier position at Costco.

2. What do you know about Costco Wholesale?

Costco Wholesale is a chain of wholesale stores that includes many departments such as appliances, home furniture, clothing, meat, bakery products, grocery, and pharmacy.

3. Why would you want to work as a cashier at Costco?

I have always been in awe of Costco and the professional manner in which the company runs its operations. Working at Costco would be a dream come true, not only because it is something that personally feels strongly about, but also because my skill set aligns perfectly with your requirements.

4. What duties do you expect to perform if hired as a cashier at Costco? 

I anticipate operating a POS machine to process cash and credit card transactions, handle cash/drawer balancing work, processing returns, and exchanges, and creating and submitting reconciliation reports as the main parts of my job as a cashier.

5. As far as sales are concerned, have you had any experience in the area?

The place that I am presently working for has a rotation policy that ensures that all cashiers are rotated as sales associates. This rotation has made it possible for me to understand the retail end of this work and provide services to ensure repeat business from them.

6. Do you deem cashiering challenging?

It is challenging at times, especially when one has to deal with rush hour customers. But it is during these challenging times that one’s mettle is tested, so I take all challenges thrown at me with a pinch of salt!