Bookkeeper Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: April 13, 2022

When attempting to write a resume for a bookkeeper assistant position, keep in mind that you have to highlight your most marketable traits.

It is important to keep certain things in mind, which include the length, density, and correctness of the information and the content in a resume.

What to Include in a Bookkeeper Assistant Resume?
  1. Highlight expertise in computing, classifying and recording numerical data so that a company’s financial records can be completed on time and in an accurate fashion.
  2. Mention that you are detail-oriented, as well as good with numbers.

The following is a resume sample for a bookkeeper assistant’s position for you to refer to.

Bookkeeper Assistant Resume Example

Lillian George
47 Cyprus Ave
Wilmington, DE 19850
(000) 999-9999
george @ email . com


Results-focused bookkeeping professional with extensive experience in payroll accounting, accounts receivables and payables, and general bookkeeping activities. Superior understanding of maintaining the confidentiality of records with exceptional attention to detail.


  • Functional knowledge of preparing deposit slips and cash expenditure receipts.
  • Able to recognize and resolve accounting discrepancies across a multitude of accounting platforms.
  • Well-versed in creating and maintaining profit and loss reports.
  • Complete understanding of account balancing and reconciliation activities.


  • Payroll services
  • Tax documentation
  • Asset/invoice management
  • Budgets management
  • Record maintenance
  • Customer service

• Introduced an online bookkeeping system that made the accounting system more efficient.
• Developed a series of “accuracy checker” procedures that looked for accounting data discrepancies and pointed them out one by one.
• Increased efficiency of the already-in-place accounting system by 50% by implementing an electronic accounting system.
• Decreased overhead costs by 75% by suggesting the use of alternate energy sources during the winter months.


Bookkeeper Assistant
• Perform general and specific accounting calculations using 10-key calculators and copy machines
• Maintain and balance company books
• Handle employee payroll services by calculating salaries and superannuation
• Prepare periodic accounting reports and assure their correctness
• Assure mathematical accuracy of all posted entries
• Classify and summarize numerical and financial data for record maintenance purposes
• Perform debit and credit activities on accounting systems and spreadsheets
• Recognize and report discrepancies in accounting data and perform reconciliation duties
• Monitor loan and advance statuses and prepare and deposit checks for payment of utility bills
• Complete and submit tax forms on a timely basis
• Calculate and issue bills, invoices, and account statements

Bookkeeping Intern
• Assisted in preparing bills and invoices
• Provided support in developing appropriate spreadsheets for each accounting module
• Accumulated financial data from different sources for the benefit of reporting
• Collected and interpreted data for tax forms
• Completed workers’ compensation and pension forms
• Maintained inventory records and record of financial statements

Harvard Public Schools, 2008

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