26 Best Sample Objectives for Bookkeeper Resume

Updated on: November 2, 2020
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What is a Bookkeeper Resume Objective?

An objective on a bookkeeper resume makes it easy for the hiring authority to determine what the candidate’s main goal is. It shows that the applicant knows about making effective and objective decisions regarding bookkeeping, purchase, and use of office supplies.

Apart from this, a bookkeeper objective includes information about which position the candidate is applying for, and what they bring to the table. This is an important part of the resume as it comes right at the top, and has the capacity to make or break your chances of being considered for the job.

How to Write a Perfect Bookkeeper Career Objective Statement?

A bookkeeper’s resume objective needs to be written in a targeted manner. That is to say that the resume objective should focus on a bookkeeper’s specific skills and offerings. Essentially, it should highlight what the applicant can do in terms of handling front-end financial and accounting processes.

All this information will help the hiring manager find out what the applicant knows about the work, and how they can contribute to the department’s success.

The following are the 26 best sample objectives for a bookkeeper resume to guide you further.

Top 26 Bookkeeper Resume Objective Examples

1. Seeking a position as a Bookkeeper at Norma Incorporated, offering 17+ years of experience in overseeing the company’s financial data and compliance to ensure smooth financial and accounting operations.

2. To obtain a Bookkeeper position at Food City, leveraging the ability to make informed and objective decisions regarding bookkeeping procedures. Completely focused on providing excellent support to all departments to maximize performance and productivity through consistent support.

3. Exceptionally talented individual, with over 10 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience, presently looking for a Bookkeeper position at Nordic Works. Eager to apply learned skills in effectively producing financial statements to help the company meet its financial management targets effectively.

4. Highly resourceful, and organized individual, in search of a Bookkeeper position at Ozark Mountain School District. Offering many years of experience in processing bookkeeping information in a centralized manner, with the ultimate goal of helping the school effectively handling its accounting procedures.

5. Searching for a Bookkeeper position at Genesis Healthcare. Desire to assist the facility with accounts payable and receivable processes in accordance with policies and procedures to help the organization meets its specific goals and objectives in a profound, organized, and efficient manner.

6. I am looking for a Bookkeeper position at Subway Malt, where I can apply my knowledge of performing basic and advanced accounting procedures to help the company settle its finances properly, without discrepancies.

7. Detail-oriented individual, who has an inherent ability to work in a Bookkeeper role that demands high accuracy and proficiency. Presently interested in working at Town Pump where I can effectively assist with accounts payable and receivable processes in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.

8. Efficient Bookkeeper, boasting 8 years of experience in handling bookkeeping work processes for a busy organization. Presently looking for a position at Genesis Healthcare where I can effectively interface with different departments including corporate support personnel to help the company ensure high bookkeeping and accounting integrity.

9. Resourceful, and competent individual, with a solid bookkeeping background spanning 12+ years, presently in search of a Bookkeeper position at Kemper Group. Complete emphasis on using complex accounting software and functions to handle bookkeeping and financial reporting processes, with a strong emphasis on ensuring high data integrity.

10. Well-organized and proactive individual, looking for a Bookkeeper position at Basha’s, hoping to utilize skills acquired over the last 6 years in a professional bookkeeping capacity. Especially interested in effectively recording and maintaining the business’s financial transactions, and producing coherent reports to help the company management make informed decisions.

11. Detail-oriented individual who is excellent at providing strong accounting and administrative support to the accounting department, presently seeking a Bookkeeper position at Campus Advantage. Focused on helping managers produce accurate and reliable financial statements, through the delivery of backend support.

12. Versatile Bookkeeper, with 8+ years of experience in handling frontend bookkeeping processes in a busy business environment. Presently hoping to work at Xavier Boxes, where I can advance my career, while continuously contributing to the company’s success.

13. Bookkeeper, well-grounded in handling tabulations and calculations, anticipating leveraging 10+ years of experience in handling complex bookkeeping processes, targeted at helping the Pub Skins meet its accounting objectives in a quick and efficient manner.

14. To secure a position as a full-time Bookkeeper at Fine Dining Concepts to help the restaurant meet its bookkeeping objectives effectively. Focused on self-growth, as well as company growth, with a solid emphasis on ensuring correlation of both to ensure company success.

15. Proactive individual, with a solid interest in working as a Bookkeeper at Benzel Busch, where I aim to fully utilize finances management skills in an efficient manner. Completely fixated on helping the organization progress effectively, focusing on ensuring absolute smoothness of bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Entry Level Bookkeeper Objectives With No Experience

16. Looking for an entry-level Bookkeeper position at Roanoke Landing. Offering in-depth knowledge of computing, classifying, and recording financial transactions to ensure the accuracy and integrity of company financials.

17. Recent accounting graduate, eager to work as a Bookkeeper at ABC Company employing exceptional knowledge of prioritizing bookkeeping and accounting procedures, with an aim to help the organization meet its specific goals and objectives.

18. Exceptionally focused individual, with a deep interest in accounting and bookkeeping procedures, hoping to work as a Bookkeeper at Smithfield Foods, where I can leverage my interest and expertise in handling bookkeeping and financial management to help the company grow and prosper effectively.

19. Results-driven, and focused individual, looking for a Bookkeeper position at Boulder JCC. Capable of working under pressure to produce high-quality bookkeeping reports, aimed at helping managers take important company decisions.

20. Analytic, and efficient person looking to bring my knowledge of bookkeeping procedures to Insero and Co. Looking forward to using my expertise in bookkeeping and accounting to help the company make important financial decisions, based on offered bookkeeping and accounting information.

21. Energetic problem-solver, looking for a Bookkeeper position at Accent Financials. Bringing superior knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and profound know-how of reporting activities to manage the company’s bookkeeping activities efficiently.

22. Top-performing bookkeeping and accounting professional seeking a position at Xero Financial. Offering a keen sense of bookkeeping accountability and a profound ability to play with numbers.

23. Uniquely qualified Bookkeeper looking for a position at a small independent firm, where I can apply my accounting education and excellent bookkeeping skills.

24. Seeking a position of Bookkeeper with Coddy Financial Services using knowledge of making objective decisions regarding bookkeeping activities along with a firm educational background in accounting.

25. To obtain a Bookkeeper position at Carlton Accounts. Bringing outstanding work ethic and the ability to maintain confidentiality to manage the company’s accounting activities prudently.

26. To work for Essential Securities as a Bookkeeper utilizing exceptional accounting skills and four years of accounting degree to orchestrate the smooth flow of bookkeeping operations.

Importance of a Bookkeeper Resume Objective

The main reason that an objective is important to place on a bookkeeper resume is that it provides hiring authorities with solid information about what the prospective employee can offer.

It is a short paragraph that highlights the candidate’s knowledge of handling accounts payable and other accounting processes, making it easy for the hiring manager to make hiring decisions. Seeing an objective on a bookkeeper resume motivates the hiring manager into determining the applicant’s main skills and qualifications.


A value-packed resume objective for a bookkeeper position will help you grab the hiring manager’s attention immediately. Technically, your career objective should make the hiring manager confident in choosing you as a viable candidate for the job. This is only possible if you pay extensive attention to the content of the resume objective.

It is important to realize that your resume objective is the first part of your main job application document, and should be written with exceptional care. We suggest that you write the resume objective after you have completed the rest of the document so that you can effectively gauge the flow of information.

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