Full Charge Bookkeeper Interview: 6 Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 26, 2023

Interviews may not be the most pleasing of times, but they are definitely the most important times in our professional lives.

The reason is obvious – interviews eventually lead us to our dream jobs. If your purpose in life is to bag the position that you have had your heart set on for ages, then you must prepare for the interview properly.

There are several ways of preparing for an interview. All you have to do is keep two things in mind – prepare for possible questions that may be asked and keep your physical appearance as professional as possible.

For the former part, have a look at the following set of interview questions and answers:

Full Charge Bookkeeper Interview Questions and Answers

1. What duties have you performed in the role of a full-charge bookkeeper?
As a full-charge bookkeeper, I have been responsible for the full-cycle accounting of the organization where I work. Updating and maintaining all accounts, producing financial statements, tracking key metrics, and forecasting depreciation, profit and loss have all been part of my work. In addition to this, I am required to handle reconciliations and ensure that any evident discrepancies are handled in an immediate manner.

2. What skills do you possess that make you an excellent full-charge bookkeeper to hire?
I am an exceptionally analytic individual who has the capacity to prioritize work and multitask in an efficient manner. Excellent knowledge of common and advanced accounting principles, proficiency in using popular accounting software, along with demonstrated expertise in creating and maintaining business documents are just some of my skills.

3. What in your opinion is the most difficult thing about working as a full charge bookkeeper?
I believe that the whole work of a full charge bookkeeper is challenging, and I wouldn’t really outline any one area which is more difficult than the other. It is just a matter of how you handle things.

4. What in your opinion is the best thing about working in this role?
The constant challenges keep me interested in this work. I believe that one should work in an arena that interests one greatly, and I am lucky to be able to do this.

5. Tell us of a time when you came out on top of a problem.
There was an accounting entry that was missing, and even after 12 long weeks, no one could figure out what had happened. Due to this, the entire book system went out of whack. As soon as I came to know about it, I determined what the missing entry was, and managed to balance the books.

6. What are your future aspirations?
Eventually, I would like to work as the head of an accounting department, a feat that I am working towards quite diligently.