8 Achievements for Medical Billing and Coding Resume

Updated: March 8, 2023

The best of what you accomplished over the past years should be added to a resume in the form of achievements.

Achievements are not the same thing as your responsibilities. These are results that set you apart from others in your work.

So while many of us do end up mixing up our achievements and job duties, by careful consideration, we can separate the two easily.

A job duty is something that you have to do every day. It is usually mundane and “a given.” On the other hand, the achievement is the result (a beneficial one) of a duty that you have performed.

All of us have achieved something or the other in every job that we do. It is just a matter of seeking it out.

And when we do discover it, it is important to place it strategically under the accomplishments/achievements section on our resumes, so that this information is right in front of employers when they pick them up. It is a struggle, but a fruitful one.

How does one mention achievements on a resume?

Take a look at the sample achievements for a medical biller/coder below:

Sample Achievements for Medical Billing and Coding Resume

  1. Implemented an automatic system that dynamically assigned codes to diagnosis and procedures, saving time by 50%.
  2. Created meaningful liaison with 13 top insurance companies, thereby reducing claim follow-up time by 70%.
  3. Implemented a complex system that provided instant alerts on unpaid claims, reducing the time it took to wait for denied list generation.
  4. Processed 100+ insurance claims successfully within 6 days.
  5. Trained 50 personnel to work as medical billers and coders by leading them through courses for translating medical procedures into industry-defined codes.
  6. Revamped the existing insurance reimbursement system by introducing 3 new modules, which made the system 50% more efficient.
  7. Successfully beta-tested a system that translated patient information into alphanumeric medical codes and punched it automatically into the system.
  8. Introduced Level 1 HCPCS and Level 2 HCPCS to the facility and provided correlating training to 20 members.