Medical Billing Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 25, 2015

It is possible to magically connect with an employer on a professional level without using actual magic. Puns aside, a magical connector is just one point in your cover letter that has the strength to reach out to a prospective employer. It could be a word or a sentence that “magically” piques his interest and draws him towards you. How is this possible?

Well, cover letters for medical billing manager position are all about how well you play the game of words. If you have it in you to write beautifully, you will have to problem creating a bond with an employer. Even if you do not have this gift, just by knowing which words describe you as a champ can work wonders for you!

A medical billing manager cover letter should be written based upon one rule – no frills, just skills. What does this mean? Look at it this way. We want to show our enthusiasm in a cover letter so we end up using flowering language, which believe it or not, employers have no patience for. These are considered frills – not needed. A skills-based cover letter is what you have to create. It is all about how well you present yourself but cover letters are seldom about you. They are about the employer and what you can do for the employer – definitely not the other way around.

And how does one write a cover letter of this sort? This is how:


Medical Billing Manager Cover Letter Sample


Danielle Croft
11 John Street
Duluth, MN 22030
(000) 878-2222
Croft @ email . com

July 25, 2015

Ms. Dorothy Mackintosh
Human Resource Manager
Priority Care Solutions
204 Main Street
Duluth, MN 23833


Dear Ms. Mackintosh:

It was fortunate that I ventured across your advertisement for a medical billing manager at Priority Care Solutions – a facility that I am eager to join.

As an experienced medical billing manager, with demonstrated expertise in leading and supervising medical billing processes over 16 years, I believe that your facility can gain much success from my expertise and knowledge. What I can offer to you is spot on with what you require:

• Documented success in reengineering and building resilient and scalable medical billing processes leveraging technology
• Strong people management experience backed by having built medical billing operations teams from scratch
• Adept at analyzing data for billing presentation purposes, based on technical and compliance requirements
• Familiarity with technical application systems such as billing modalities, system set up and new application reviews and updates

The full impact of my qualifications can only be communicated in person, which is why I want to meet with you. I will contact your office at the end of the week. In the interim, I am available at (000) 878-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Danielle Croft

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