Barman Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 17, 2019

Interviews are best described as “harrowing” times for most of the candidates.

There are so much uncertainty and immense pressure on us, which is why we often mess up our chances of employment.


But there is nothing that a little preparation can’t do to help us out of a situation such as this.

If the applicant knows the barman job description, they can often determine at least some of the expected interview questions.

However, reading and understanding the job description is not always enough. We need to appear confident during an interview even if what we feel is far from confidence!

If you are appearing in the position of a barman, you will have to prepare answers put to you regarding both customer services and specific job knowledge.


You may be asked questions aimed at your personality and your knowledge of making and serving drinks.

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Barman Interview Questions and Answers

What, in your opinion, are the typical duties of a barman?

Typical duties of a barman include;

  • greeting customers
  • taking orders
  • preparing and serving the ordered drinks and snacks
  • collecting payments
  • checking IDs
  • setting tables
  • cleaning up bar area
  • displaying bottles
  • maintaining the bar in a neat and clean condition
What skills qualify you for this job?

Professional customer service etiquette, vast knowledge of beverage mixing skills, full command of cash and POS handling and exceptional math skills to calculate percentages of ingredients to yield required flavors.

Imagine yourself in a situation where the bar is overcrowded. What strategy would you use to make sure that all customers get their drinks?

In a situation such as this, I will have no choice but to work on a “first come first serve” basis. I will, of course, greet and acknowledge all customers so that they know that their turn will come soon.

How would you react if you were left a very small tip?

I would not react negatively. I would thank the customer as well as I would someone who left me a bigger tip. One does not know how financially comfortable a customer is, so it is nothing to take personally.

What would you do if your cash drawer was short at the end of the day? How would you ensure that it doesn’t happen again?

If the cash drawer is my responsibility, so are any discrepancies. I would take full responsibility for the shortage and pay it out of my pocket.

From then on, I would make sure that I double check all payments and the change that I tender.

How do you feel about the “split tips” culture?

I believe that splitting tips is a great idea. It does not put pressure on one barman or server and reduces unhealthy competition.

How do you handle a customer who is being rude to you?

I do that by not responding to their rude remarks. If the rudeness extends towards other customers, I would ask the bar manager for help.

How do you decide whom to tend to first when the bar is full?

I just work my way left to right. If the bar is exceptionally crowded, I follow the first come, first serve principle.

The important thing is to greet all guests and keep them assured that they’ll be attended very soon.

If a customer leaves the drink decision onto you, what would you serve?

If someone is in the mood of talking I’d ask their preferences in sweetness, sourness, grains, fruitiness and the like and then decide upon what to serve.

If they do not feel like having a conversation, I think I’d serve them my favorite, i.e., Fuzzy Navel or some other expensive drink from the rack.

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