6 Tire Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 16, 2023

It is not the most comfortable of feelings to be put under the spotlight, especially when you are also in jitters because of your current job situation.

Tire Technician Interviews are designed to put candidates under the spotlight. So there really isn’t much that you can do to come out of this situation.

Make the best of an interview process, by going through the following set of interview questions and answers for a tire technician position:

Tire Technician Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are your core responsibilities in the role of a tire technician?
As a tire technician, I am responsible for gauging the condition of installed tires, providing suggestions to customers regarding new tire installations, managing tire installations, handling tire rotation and repairing activities, ensuring that wheel balancing and alignment activities are timely performed, and handling backend work such as inventory management.

2. Which is the one personal skill upon which you depend highly to perform this work?
I believe that my physical strength and dexterity is what makes it possible for me to work tirelessly in this role. And this is the area that I depend highly on.

3. What do you think makes you a great choice to hire as a tire technician at our facility?
I will need no training, as I am presently working for a facility that provides more or less the same type and level of services that your organization does. I know all the technical aspects of tire changing, rotation, balancing, and alignment, and will be a credit to your facility because of my ability to work around the clock, providing excellent services to customers throughout.

4. Tell us of a time when you were left in a quandary due to a customer complaint or feedback.
There was once a customer who insisted that his car’s tire burst because I had put too much air in it. Since we had a pressure governor on the air pressure machines, this was not possible. However, he insisted and made a complaint to my supervisor. It so happened that after investigating the situation to the fullest, it turned out that he was overspeeding and his tire hit a sharp object on the road and burst!

5. What do you find most difficult about the work?
To be honest, nothing. I enjoy the work tremendously, as it is right down my alley!

6. What are your future career plans?
At this point in time, I am concentrating on learning as much as I can about the work. Soon, I’m aiming to head a team of tire technicians.