Bakery Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 30, 2015

There are certain traits associated with a bakery assistant position. These include: ability to follow written and verbal instructions accurately, skills in following a recipe and doubling/dividing it, a customer oriented attitude and remarkable communication skills. These are generic skills that will be expected of any candidate seeking a bakery assistant position. Make sure your cover letter reflects these.

So much for regular tips. Now since you have come this far, here is a golden tip for you. Employers like to see a ‘thing for baking’ in bakery assistants. If you have a deep love for baking, portray it! Make sure it shines through the letter because that is one thing that will serve to set your letter apart. Best of luck!


Bakery Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Josephine Miller

722 N 4th St | Cincinnati, OH 63222 | Cellular: (006) 333-2222 | joesephine @ email . com

January 30, 2015

Mr. Timothy Edward
HR Manager
Busken Bakery
765 Flowery Orchids
Cincinnati, OH 63222


Dear Mr. Edward:

Your evergreen advertising slogan ‘Have a crumby day!’ is the best one I have heard till date. Usually under the yellow bordered classic caption there is a description of one of your latest sugary product, fresh from the oven. Yesterday however I noticed a bakery assistant wanted sign under the caption. I am writing in response to the same since I am equipped with all the qualifications you require for the job.

I bring a deep rooted passion for baking with a strong desire to excel in the art. Having 2+ years of hands on experience in baking assistance to my credit, I am well versed in general duties of the position along with state issued hygiene and sanitation principles. A team player with exceptional analytical skills, I am able to mix, prepare, bake and calculate ratios of ingredients to produce high quality breads and other baked items as per given instructions. In addition, I am also adept at food service and cashiering duties which I am sure will come in very handy at Busken.

I would welcome a meeting with you to establish my candidacy further. Please call me at (005) 222-1111 any time to set up an interview. I can’t wait to join the awesome team of skilled bakers in capacity of bakery assistant at Busken, Cincinnati.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Josephine Miller

Encl. Resume