Bakery Worker Job Description Sample

Updated on: December 31, 2019

Position Overview

Bakery workers have two different facets as far as their work is concerned. That said, they work at both the front end and the back end of a bakery. At the back end, they help bakers by preparing ingredients and packing end products. At the front end, they assist with the sales of bakery items.

To work as a bakery worker, you need to possess excellent insight into baking activities.

You might not be required to obtain more than a high school diploma, but if you have some vocational training, your candidature becomes strong. Working as a bakery worker will require you to be physically dexterous. You will be subjected to the heat of ovens and grills during a major part of your day, and you will have to work while standing on your feet. If your love for baking surpasses these, you can become a successful bakery worker.

If you have already worked in a large scale bakery before, you will have a good idea of the conveyor belt system and cake decoration activities. In most large concerns, bakery workers work at the backend only – in smaller ones, their work may be divided into the two facets mentioned above.

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Let us separate the two and see what duties lie under each:

Bakery Worker Duties & Responsibilities

Back End Work Duties

• Go through work orders to determine how much of what needs to be produced for the day
• Ensure that sufficient raw materials/ingredients are available for each product to be baked
• Measure appropriate amounts of components needed and pour or mix them together
• Run each mixture by the baker to ensure that it conforms to quality standards
• Place mixtures in ovens or on grills and set timers for cooking or baking
• Assist in decorating cakes and cookies and fill pastries with chocolate and cream fillings
• Smooth icing or fondant on cakes and ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing to look at
• Pack baked items into properly sized boxes or cling film

Front End Work Duties

• Greet customers as they arrive and provide them with information on the day’s specials
• Assist customers in choosing baked items by providing them with information on ingredients and calorie counts
• Pick out selected items from the display units and box them properly
• Ring customers’ purchases on the POS and process credit card and cash payments
• Keep display units clean and stocked with fresh items throughout the day
• Take orders for specialized caked over the telephone and in-person
• Clean and maintain counters and floors and ensure that appropriate sanitizing procedures are followed