Bakery Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 1, 2022
Position Overview

A bakery clerk’s work is all-encompassing – they work at the backend (inside the production area) and the frontend (the customer area) and do both with equal expertise.

While bakery clerks do not handle major baking duties they do help by preparing ingredients and assisting in packaging and pricing baked goods.

Education and Experience

Bakery clerks need to have a combination of experience and education to help them work successfully in this role.

While only needing a high school diploma to qualify to work as a bakery clerk, a job seeker should have an interest in baking and cake decorating.

They also have to have an easygoing personality because they are in constant contact with customers.

Skills and Abilities

Since the point of working as a bakery clerk is to maximize sales, it is important to possess some marketing and sales abilities.

People love bakeries because they signify coziness and warmth. But someone has to make them come across that way. It is up to bakery clerks to do this.

They have to make sure that bakery shelves are stocked properly and that they emit a welcoming aura.

Bakery clerks need to possess knowledge of food safety practices as this is of the highest priority in this business.

Similarly, they need to be knowledgeable about personal hygiene and premises sanitization as customers judge bakeries based on these standards.

Job Description for Bakery Clerk Resume

• Warmly greet customers and respond to their questions regarding bakery products.

• Assist customers in selecting bakery products and provide them with information on ingredients and weights.

• Wrap items selected by customers so that they can be transported safely

• Ensure proper sanitation of shelves and display cases by cleaning them on a constant basis.

• Arrange freshly baked goods neatly on shelves and in display cases.

• Ring customers’ sales and take cash and process credit/debit cards in exchange for items sold.

• Obtain signatures on receipts and ensure that credit/debit cards are returned to customers.

• Assist bakers in preparing ingredients for performing baking activities.

• Package and label baked items with pricing and expiry information.

• Rotate bakery ingredients to keep them fresh and handled damaged products in accordance with set standards for wastage.

• Ensure that required items for baking, labeling, and stocking are available.

• Assist in cake decorating activities and take orders for special items such as customized cakes.