Stay At Home Mom Cover Letter for Going Back To Work

Updated on June 26, 2015

Candidates who have been at home for a long time often find it very difficult to re-enter the job market. Here are some guidelines regarding how to embellish your cover letter if you are a stay at home mom trying to start work again after a gap:

Where there is no experience, highlight the skills: To cover the lack of experience, you must highlight your competencies and job relevant skills smartly. These skills might be gained through household work such as organization, time management, communication alike.

Exhibit knowledge about the hiring firm: Employers like to know that the candidate has gathered information about them. Know your prospective employer well before you write your cover letter


Stay At Home Mom Cover Letter for Going Back To Work


Victoria Klein

5443 Everest Apt • Houston, TX 78443 • (004) 444 – 3333 • victoria @ email . com

June 26, 2015

Mr. Andrew Fielder
HR Manager
76 Grassy Blvd
Houston, TX 78443


Dear Mr. Fielder:

‘To care for those who once cared for us is the highest of honors’ -Tia Walker

Reading the above quotation on your company’s website inspired me to send this application since it is a true reflection of my philosophy of life. Your job advertisement for a caregiver calls for an energetic individual who is good at keeping company to the elderly, well-versed in cooking meals and providing personal care assistance and knowledgeable regarding exercising needs of paralyzed patients. As my enclosed resume also demonstrates, I offer all of the above mentioned competencies.

As a stay at home mom of three returning to the work force, I believe I can offer a great deal to your company in the role of a day time caregiver. In addition to being well practiced in housekeeping chores, I am very good in maintaining a hygienic and lively living space. My BCLS Certification and proven skills in communicating effectively with old people make me an ideal candidate for the position. Having observed a bed ridden grandparent being taken care of in my home as a child I have a deep understanding of privacy and confidentiality needs of the elderly who are chronically ill or unable to move. I am confident that I am equipped with all the skills needed for the job and your clients will definitely find my caregiving services highly satisfactory.

I look forward to having a personal interview with you in order to discuss your job description with relation to my qualifications. If you have any queries about my background, please feel free to call me at (004) 444-3333. I will follow up on this letter next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Victoria Klein

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