2 Librarian Resume Examples

Updated on: September 12, 2021

A librarian’s resume should be written compellingly. Well-structured and formatted resumes are grand winners. They force readers to select them by virtue of just a few opening words.

The resume examples for a librarian position given below will provide you with an idea on how to write an interest-piquing one:

Librarian Resume Sample 1

Alison Bean
89 2nd Avenue East N 
Kalispell, MT 591823
(000) 258-0478


Conscientious and self-motivated Librarian with 12+ years’ hands-on experience and determination to work in a library setting. A hardworking, reliable, and resourceful individual who has excellent organizational and management skills. Ability to evaluate information resources effectively. Demonstrated expertise in resource acquisition to develop collections in areas of subject responsibilities. Adept at maintaining liaison with other libraries and subject specialists for interlibrary loans and study groups. Particularly effective in empowering library members to be critical thinkers and enthusiastic readers. Documented success in providing reference and instructional services to individual researchers and groups.


Temple University, Kalispell, MT
2008 – Present
Key Achievements
• Implemented an electronic book inventory system, thereby decreasing the time taken to count books and periodicals by 80%.
• Increased library membership from 2500 to 3200 within five months by the introduction of 6 reading clubs.
• Decreased chances of “lost books and resources” by 50% by levying an “advanced loss charge” at the time of membership.
• Liaised with 18 different libraries for inter-library loans, thereby increasing the library’s resources by 55%.
Key Responsibilities
• Analyze patrons’ requests for library materials and assist in furnishing them.
• Explain the use of library facilities and resources.
• Assist patrons in locating unusual or unique information in response to specific requests.
• Organize the collection of books, publications, periodicals, and documents for convenient access.
• Develop and implement library policies and procedures and ensure that they are followed through.
• Coordinate the efforts of study groups and provide them with access to resources such as audio-visual tools and reference materials.
• Code and classify books and resources and develop information access aids such as electronic pathfinders and web pages.
• Arrange for interlibrary loaning and liaise with different suppliers and vendors to ensure sufficient resources are obtained.
• Maintain records of patrons and books and periodicals lent and returned.
• Organize and oversee study groups by liaising with other libraries and schools.

Library Aide
The Children’s Library, Kalispell, MT
2006 – 2008
Key Responsibilities
• Created new library member records and provided them with library cards and information.
• Assisted library patrons by helping them locate information and resources.
• Loaned book and other resources and followed up on overdue loans.
• Organized the collection of books and publications within the library.
• Maintained inventory of library resources and assembled and arranged display materials.
• Oversaw study groups and ensured that audio-visual equipment and library resources are kept safe.

Master’s Degree in Library Sciences
Montana State University, Kalispell, MT – 2009

• Communication
• Instructional technology
• Electronic resources
• Classification systems
• Cataloging
• Policy development
• Information storage
• Literature searches
• Media services
• Indexing systems
• Inventory control

Librarian Resume Sample 2

Jane Marple
605 Park View Lane
Anderson, IN 66633
(000) 999-9999 
jane @ email . com

Natural Communicator | Enthusiastic Teacher | Relationship Builder

Determined and resourceful, with seven years’ successful track record working as a Librarian in both public and college libraries. Ability to lead the team’s efforts to develop its collections for patrons and, marketing and to promote readers’ advisory services to the staff and the community.

• Hands-on experience in providing research assistance to students to meet their specific needs.
• Well versed in developing and managing accessible library services.
• Profound know-how of analyzing and evaluating library service and media requirements.

• Staff training
• Acquisition and placement
• Information determination
• Resources maintenance
• Policies adherence
• Materials evaluation

• Integrated an intricate collections management system, which increased book return by 29%.
• Coordinated the efforts of five reading clubs together to formulate a mega-reading event.
• Reduced overheads and additional expenditures by suggesting bulkr-buying as opposed to single unit purchases.
• Developed, maintained, and implemented an indexing system that engendered smooth display and return of books.
• Improved the order of books and shelves, which decreased book retrieval time by 30%.


Duke University, Naples, FL
Dec 2018 – Present
• Assist students by locating books and information for them
• Ensure efficient retrieval activities
• Manage inventory for books and library materials
• Maintain catalogs and file library cards
• Respond to students’ questions about reading materials
• Maintain index systems appropriately
• Ensure that tattered or torn books are replaced immediately
• Shop for appropriate library books and materials
• Provide reading lists and manage both electronic and printed materials
• Assist researchers with literature searches by employing expertise in using databases and printed materials

Library Assistant
Naples Public Library, Naples, FL
Jan 2011 – Dec 2016
• Provided direct research assistance to patrons
• Managed back-files programs
• Ensured completeness of the inventory
• Stocked books and resources on the appropriate shelves
• Guided patrons to the right aisle
• Supervised study groups
• Made follow up calls to ensure that all books are returned promptly

Miami State University, Miami, FL – 2005
MS – Library and Information Sciences