Linen Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: September 6, 2022
Linen Attendant Job Description

Linen attendants work at hotels, resorts, and spas where their primary responsibility is to perform duties related to issuing linen to staff.

They keep the inventory of linen and control the movement of fresh linen.

They also ensure that soiled and damaged linen is handled (disposed of or sent to the cleaners) according to company policies.

Typically reporting to a supervisor, linen attendants ensure proper circulation of clean uniforms, towels, and bed clothing.

They coordinate with room service staff to determine their needs for fresh uniforms on a daily basis and issue them accordingly.

Also, they confer with room service staff to decipher guests’ needs regarding linen and towels.

It is essential for linen attendants to be well versed in stock-taking as this is a critical part of their everyday work.

Whatever item they issue is recorded in a log book for reference purposes and to make it easy for them to track objects.

They make sure that all linen in their possession is in good repair and that any irreparable items are disposed of.

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for Linen Attendant Resume

• Liaise with service areas such as room service to determine linen requirements

• Issue towels and linen to service personnel and ensure that all items are correctly logged

• Neatly fold linen and store them on clean shelves in the laundry storage room

• Sort and count linen within the storage and log them into the company provided the database

• Examine laundered items such as towels and bed sheets to ensure that they have been cleaned and serviced properly

• Ensure that any torn repairable items are sent for darning

• Place laundered items in room service trolleys

• Ensure that retrieved soiled linen conforms to the issue receipts

• Issue clean and serviced uniforms to staff after ensuring that they are in good repair

• Receive used uniforms and send them to be laundered or dry cleaned

• Fill requisitions by counting and recording the linen

• Perform period inventories of staff uniforms and linen

• Record details of all incoming and outgoing linen and uniforms

• Separate linen and uniforms that need special attention and send them to the concerned professionals such as tailors and dry cleaners

• Ensure that they are enough linen items and uniforms to meet the needs of the day

• Order linen and uniforms in the event of shortages

• Issue cleaning rags to room service staff

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