Locker Room Attendant Job Description

Updated on: May 30, 2017

Position Overview

A locker room attendant is an individual who provides logistical support to patrons or guests within a gym or other similar facility. It is the job of a locker room attendant to make sure that patrons are well looked after and that they receive what they need while they are at the facility. Typically, locker room attendants work on a shift basis and are assigned to a group of guests or patrons.

There are no formal educational requirements to work as a locker room attendant, but you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. The ability to read and write properly and great communication skills are required if you want to work at this position. In addition to this, you have to have exceptional customer service skills and be able to work on your feet for long periods of time.

A positive attitude, exceptional organizational skills and the ability to lift and move heavy objects are all part of th requirements of working as a locker room attendant. In addition to this, one has to possess deep insight into inventory management (of equipment and supplies) and handle special requests. Here is a list of duties that you will be performing in the role of a locker room attendant:

Locker Room Attendant Job Description Sample

• Greet patrons or guests as they arrive at the facility and provide them with information of the facility’s services

• Assign lockers to patrons and provide them with keys, along with ensuring that they are made aware of the facility’s rules and regulations

• Assist patrons in locating their lockers and help them in placing their items neatly and safely inside

• Provide towels and sheets to patrons and collect and deliver soiled laundry to the housekeeping department

• Check supplies to ensure that sufficient supplies such as soap and shampoo are available at all times

• Clean facilities such as floors and locker rooms and ensure that proper sanitization activities are carried out

• Procure food and beverage for patrons upon their request and ensure that they are billed appropriately

• Respond to patrons’ inquiries and explain cost, availability, policies and procedures regarding facilities that they are interested in

• Store patrons’ personal possessions, issue claim checks and return items on receipt of stored articles or items

• Create and maintain inventories of supplies, uniforms and equipment and communicate low stock situations to the supervisor

• Operate controls to regulate room temperatures and assist gym hands in setting up and operating gym equipment