Gallery Attendant Resume Sample

Updated October 26, 2022
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A gallery attendant resume is a key job application document that contains information about your skills and experiences.

Ideally, each resume for a gallery attendant position should be tailored to fit the needs of the employer.

Have a look at the sample below to get ideas:

Gallery Attendant Resume Example

Dustin Hoffman
50 Dixie Avenue
Franklin, OH 45005
(000) 415-7845
dusthoff @ email . com

Gallery management | Communication | Customer Service

Resourceful and determined Gallery Attendant with over 6 years of successful track record in providing visitors with interest-inspiring tours of the gallery, in a bid to ensure their attention and repeat visits. Proactively safeguarded art against thefts, vandalism, and damage by observing gallery goings-on. Ability to provide visitors with deep insight into different art pieces and displays, aiming to increase their comprehension. Known for handling emergency situations in accordance with the organization’s protocols and procedures.

✓ Tour Guiding ✓ Display Security
✓ Exhibit Promotion ✓ Emergency Handling
✓ Display Sorting ✓ Exhibit Installation
✓ Damage Control ✓ Visitor Education

• Saved the gallery from theft by recognizing signs of imminent danger and taking appropriate measures to avert it.
• Introduced a traffic inflow and outflow system which decreased problems associated with rush hours and holiday visitors.
• Set up an exhibit box for an art piece worth $3m, earning accolades from the management.
• Implemented damage control strategies that reduced the chances of harm to exhibits by 75%.


Gallery Attendant
Kimbell Art Museum, Franklin, OH
11/2015 – Present
• Greet visitors as they arrive at the gallery and provide them with an overview of the exhibits.
• Ensure that visitors are acquainted with the rules and regulations of the gallery.
• Direct visitors or escort them to the right rooms so that they can view their choice of exhibits.
• Provide visitors with information on each art piece or exhibit, to ensure a better understanding of the origin and background.
• Monitor the flow of visitors, gauge unsavory situations and ensure that appropriate action is taken.
• Ensure the security of the gallery by coordinating efforts with assigned security staff.
• Assist in receiving art shipments by ensuring that all paperwork is in order and making sure that art pieces are safely stored.
• Set up art exhibit boxes according to specified instructions, ensuring art pieces are safely placed in them.

Gallery Aide
The Museum of Art, Franklin, OH
2/2011 – 1/2015
• Welcomed visitors in a charged and enthusiastic manner and provided an introduction to the type of art displayed at the museum.
• Conducted tours of assigned museum parts, providing visitors with information on art pieces and exhibits.
• Responded to visitors’ questions regarding the backgrounds and histories of specific art pieces.
• Ensured the security and safety of the exhibit and premises by keeping a watchful eye for trouble.
• Coordinated efforts to ensure that the museum was in good repair and cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

High School Diploma
Franklin Town High School, Franklin, OH – 2009