Guest Service Attendant Job Description

Updated on: May 17, 2019

Position Overview

A guest service attendant is hired in the hospitality industry, usually in hotels and resorts.

He or she is responsible for making a positive first impression on guests and visitors.


The main work of a person at this position is to provide guests with tier 1 services and to ensure their comfort and wellbeing.

It is also the responsibility of a guest service attendant to ensure that guests and visitors are directed to the areas that they want to go to.

For instance, a guest service attendant will inquire what services a guest requires, and will then lead him or her to the right place, such as reservations, or the restaurant.


Educational Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a guest service attendant. However, you must be trained in providing the best customer services.

Skills and Abilities

Since you will be responsible for making a positive impression, you must be pleasant in nature. Communication and interpersonal skills are an absolute must to possess in this work.

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Here is a list of duties that a guest service attendant is required to perform:


Guest Service Attendant Job Description

• Assume position at the entrance of the hotel, in order to receive guests and visitors.

• Greet guests and visitors, and inquire politely into their purpose of visit.

• Direct and lead guests to the reservations desk.

• Provide guests with initial information about the hotel’s services.

• Acquaint guests with room availability, choices, and related services.

• Assist guests in filling out forms, and compiling required documents.

• Lead guests through the reservation and registration procedures.

• Provide information regarding payment choices such as cash, and credit card.

• Lead or usher guests to their rooms, and hand over their keys.

• Provide instruction on ways to acquire additional services such as room service, and laundry.

• Monitor guests’ conduct, and inform security about any nefarious goings-on.

• Monitor emergency exits, and assist guests and visitors during evacuation.

• Operate PABX systems, and make reservations.

• Run daily reports in order to check reservations status.

• Handle complaints according to hotel policy, ensuring guest retention and satisfaction.

• Ensure that messages are delivered to guests.

• Provide visitors and guests with information on the hotel’s facilities.

• Assist guests with the use of business center facilities.

• Check security cameras on a regular basis, in order to ensure that the hotel remains safe.

• Ensure that housekeeping staff cleans and maintains all designated hotel areas.


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