Gallery Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated April 29, 2017

Overview and Guidelines

There are certain metrics upon which hiring managers gauge cover letters. Those that are at the top of the list are called in for interviews. Those that lack something are given the heave-ho. To make sure that you are not subjected to the latter fate, you must ensure your cover letter for gallery attendant position is something out of the ordinary. Hiring managers see plenty of “ordinary” in their lives and they certainly do not need one more ordinary cover letter to go through. A standout cover letter is what you should be providing to them to make them gain confidence in your candidature.

How would you make sure that your cover letter gels in with the hiring manager’s requirements? You make an effort to make sure that it does. Cover letters do not write themselves. You have to make sure that you write them in a manner that is most acceptable to the hiring manager. The following cover letter is written to satisfy the hiring manager’s requirements:


Gallery Attendant Cover Letter Sample



April 29, 2017

Mr. Hagrid Oliver
Human Resource Manager
Kimbell Art Museum
960 Pleasant Grove Avenue
Bowling Green, KY 42101


Dear Mr. Oliver:

I offer the enclosed resume in anticipation of acquiring a gallery attendant position at Kimbell Art Museum. I offer successful track record of handling the different aspects of this work, including security, visitor guidance and handling maintenance work. My most recent experience as a gallery attendant has been at The Moss Displays, where I have worked for over 6 years in this capacity.

Not only have I performed guarding duties in this role, but have also provided my services in an interpretive capacity. Anticipating deep insight about artists and exhibits on view, I always make a special effort to ensure that visitors are provided with a friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable environment. Preparing the facility for visitors, helping keep the museum clean and ensuring that art work is kept safe and secure are my niches, allowing the facility management to be completely at ease about the daily running of the museum.

Perhaps my biggest achievement so far is recognizing telltale signs of a possible robbery, and notifying the authorities on time, saving the gallery from losing its most prized possession. If you are interested in knowing how I managed to do this, and made arrangements to ensure that similar threats are minimized in the future, I suggest we meet in person so that I can elaborate further. I will call you at the end of next week to secure a meeting time. In the interim, please feel free to contact me at (000) 784-4154 if required.




Rachel Watch

Attachment: resume