Podiatrist Resume Sample

Updated May 13, 2017


There is something oddly satisfying about seeing a Podiatrist resume that is full of information but still has respect for white space.

Easily navigable resumes are a treat to sore eyes that have seen so many muddled ones, that one more means placing it in the trash bin instantly.

Here is a format for you to go through.




Podiatrist Resume Sample



Sarah Arnold

782 Windshield Dr | Roy, UT 93302 | (000) 599-5214 | arnold_s @ email . com


Performance Summary

16+ years of extensive experience in diagnosing foot, ankle and lower-leg problems, and providing correlating workable solutions. Highly skilled in performing surgical procedures, providing deep insight into foot and ankle care, and creating treatment plans for foot and ankle problems by first determining cause of each issue.

Provides treatment to high-risk patient groups such as the elderly and those with increased risk of amputation. Qualified to prescribe, produce and fit orthotics and other support devices to meet each patient’s individual requirements.

Professional Competencies

✓ Specialized Dressings ✓ Treatment Development ✓ Exercise Therapies
✓ Electro-surgery ✓ Medication Prescribing ✓ Body Mechanics
✓ Patient Analysis ✓ Deformities Treatment ✓ Patient Education
✓ Foot Care Techniques ✓ Prosthetic Appliances ✓ Condition Diagnosis


Selected Achievements

• Saved a diabetic patient from amputation of the leg by recognizing early signs of gangrene and taking measures to counter it
• Wrote a short booklet on foot care for diabetics, as part of the patient education program
• Rehabilitated a 5 year old child with a foot deformity, allowing her to walk for the first time in her life
• Successfully diagnosed juvenile arthritis in a 9 year old boy, after 6 doctors were left stumped about his condition for 4 years

Work Experience

360 Care, Roy, UT | 11/2008 – Present
• Engage patients in conversation to determine their specific foot, lower-leg and ankle complaints
• Examine patients thoroughly to determine their conditions and provide apt assessments
• Record patients’ histories to decipher lifestyles and previous medication, in the facility’s database
• Diagnose abnormalities and diseases and create and implement correlating treatment plans
• Perform therapeutic and surgical techniques to treat foot, ankle and lower limb issues, such as nail and soft tissue surgeries
• Prescribe, produce and fit orthotics and correlating aids and appliances as required
• Educate patients about the importance of good foot care and provide them suggestions for their specific situations
• Treat foot conditions such as corns, calluses, ingrown nails and bunions through surgical methods

Westmed Medical Group, Roy, UT | 2/2001 – 5/2008
Podiatry Assistant
• Interviewed patients to obtain their medical histories and ensured that they were properly recorded
• Performed initial assessment on patients and create correlating notes for the podiatrist
• Provided podiatrist with information on each patient’s conditions and medical backgrounds
• Prepared examination rooms and laid out tools and instruments to assist podiatrists with their procedures
• Created and maintained records of patients and ensured that they were timely updated


Utah State University, Roy, UT | 2000
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine


Member: American Podiatric Medical Association: APMA