Tax Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 21, 2022

Working as a tax associate will require you to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in taxation or accounting.

Performing duties under the supervision of a senior tax professional, you will be required to handle many tasks such as ensuring that the company that you are working for complies with federal, state, and local tax regulations.

The position of a tax associate is usually an entry-level one.

Hired primarily in order to aid senior tax consultants, tax associates are required to ensure that the employees of the company that they are working for follow fiscal codes when performing their duties.

They are in constant touch with both employees and customers and are required to respond to any queries or problems that either may have.

Tax associates may work in any environment; insurance and pharmaceutical companies are popular employers of tax associates as are retail businesses.

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To provide you with further insight into a tax associate’s job, we have created a list of job duties particular to this position. Have a look!

Job Responsibilities for Tax Associate Resume

• Maintain knowledge of the tax requirements of the company by conferring with external agents

• Perform research work associated with tax information in order to provide insight into future tax directives

• Provide information to the management on how a company can save on tax

• Organize the mechanics of tax work for tax consultants

• Ensure that all employees are complying with the company’s tax regulations

• Provide information to customers and employees regarding tax ethics and standards

• Handle tax information updating activities

• Manage tax filing duties in accordance to set guidelines and procedures

• Provide support in gathering state income and handling tax audits

• Monitor the status of all tax filing activities by staying in constant contact with authorities

• Prepare property tax and follow up on unclaimed tax filings

• Ensure the accuracy of the company’s fixed assets and maintain qualified information for tax purposes

• Handle data entry activities in order to update tax information in the company-provided database

• Assist in handling routine internal audits

• Reconcile banking transactions and maintain clients’ accounts

• Assist in preparing and filing tax returns and associated reconciling and processing activities

• Provide insight into any foreseeable tax problems

• Calculate company tax return and ensure the availability of data to perform associated paperwork

• Identify and control withholding tax exposures

• Provide support in tax planning strategies and development of procedures to expedite expanding compliance requirements

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