4 Personal Banker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 21, 2022

How would you feel if you entered the bank for the first time and had no one to tell you what to do? At bay is probably the right answer!

Personal bankers make sure that this never happens; they will greet you when you enter a bank, ask you how they can assist you, and guide you through the entire banking rigmarole.

Personal bankers are primarily hired to provide clients with information on a bank’s services and products and assist them in handling their accounts.

Personal bankers provide financial advice to their clients, along with making sure that they choose the right type of service.

When you first talk to a personal banker, you will be asked a series of questions to gauge what type of product should be offered to you. This is essential to provide you with the correct service to manage your wealth.

Recruiters spend a lot of time interviewing the right people for the position of personal banker.

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If you are scheduled to take an interview soon, you may be interested in the following set of interview questions and answers for this position.

Personal Banker Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about any relevant experience you may have had before you applied for a personal banker’s position.

My previous position as an intern at The Bank of America has taught me much about client services associated with banking. As an intern, I was familiarized with the general account opening, and closing duties and the protocols used to provide information to clients.

Tip: This answer may be appropriate for an entry-level position. Experienced Candidates may answer in keeping with their experience.

2. Tell us of some retail banking accounts that you are familiar with.

I have had considerable experience in handling checking and savings accounts along with certificates of deposits and consumer loans and mortgages.

Tip: This answer may be appropriate for both entry-level and experienced positions.

3. How would you go about assessing your clients’ needs?

The key to assessing a client’s needs is to communicate with him. By conferring with clients, it is usually quite easy to determine what they are looking for in terms of financial services.

Tip: This is a tricky question and requires you to provide the interviewer with insight into how you confer with a client.

4. How has your cash handling experience been? Any incidents you would like to share?

I have always been cautious when handling money since it is a sensitive matter. There was a time when a coworker was missing over $1000 at the end of a shift and needless to say, he was quite upset. I spent three hours with him after the bank closed to locate the cash which I discovered he had placed in his stationery drawer since it was a particularly busy day and he had been fretting!

Tip: Answering this question correctly will provide recruiters with information on how trustworthy you are.

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