Tax Associate Resume Example

Writing a resume for a position pertaining to finance is a daunting job as retaining the interest of the reader intact is very difficult. Some employers may find your skills boring which is why you will need to write them in a manner that hold’s the reader’s interest.

Tax associates are financial advisors who ensure that a company’s financial documents comply with the state’s tax regulations. This is a very important job as it is imperative for every company to be free of tax litigations and suits. Tax associates work with a company’s reporting systems and ensure that they are in accordance to the laws.

A degree in finance is very important when applying for a position of a Tax Associate. Some background in law will be a plus.


Tax Associate Resume Example


Dudley Keyes

42 Northstar Lane ▶ Sioux Falls, SD 37370 ▶ (909) 999-9999 ▶ [Email]

Results-oriented tax associate exemplified by a steady increase of responsibility. Keen analytic and problem solving skills. Professional and motivated individual with 3 years of hands-on experience in financial and budget administration. In depth knowledge reconciliation procedures and deferred balance sheets management.

• Tax Planning• Report Preparation• Financial data interpretation
• Audit Software• Project management• Multitasking


Gartner, Sioux Falls, SD

Sep 2010 – May 2013

Tax Associate

• Support tax consultants in managing matters pertaining to tax
• Assist customers in managing and answering their questions about tax
• Provide recommendations on tax issues
• Handle tax documents and statements
• Ensure the company’s compliance with tax regulations and policies
• Manage the tax database by performing regular updates

Key Accomplishments
• Reorganized the company’s tax return policies thereby ensuring time management and efficiency in return procedures
• Introduced a system that provides audit support in order to orchestrate financial work processes

Gartner, Sioux Falls, SD

Feb 2010 – Sep 2010

Tax Intern

• Prepared tax papers for tax submissions and returns
• Answered telephones and provided information to clients
• Typed, printed and copied documents as requested
• Performed data entry services
• Made appointments and worked with correspondence

Master in Accounting – Sound Dakota State University – 2004

CPA Certified

• Good oral and written communication skills
• Ability to compute and manage figures accurately
• Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Working knowledge of GoSystem

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