Gas Station Sales Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: November 25, 2020

A gas station sales associate is a jack of all trades – or at least, he or she has to be. There is a lot of work involved, and the nature of each job is different. This is the main reason that your resume for this position must be exceptionally well-handled.

Applying for a gas station sales associate position requires a resume that holds concrete information about Gas Station Sales Associate skills, abilities, accomplishments, education, and competencies.

It looks like a hard thing to do, right?

Actually, if you have managed to keep track of all this information throughout your career, it won’t be such an issue.

Let us help you in organizing it into a resume:

Gas Station Sales Associate Resume Example

Eddy Harrison
7 Lake Road, Nashville, TN 18653
(000) 951-4575


Highly diligent Gas Station Associate, offering excellent skills in managing gas pumping and convenience store sales work. Skilled in filling up gas tanks, selling store items, and processing payments. Excellence knowledge of ensuring store and station security. Ability to multitask in a busy environment.

– Customer Service
– Sales Ringing
– POS Management
– Gas Pumping
– Stocking and Inventory
– Merchandise Control
– Discrepancy Management
– Store Security
– Drawer Balancing
– Fuel Pump Activation
– Lottery Tickets 
– Car Wash Operations

• Saved the gas store from a potential robbery by recognizing early signs of trouble and calling authorities.
• Implemented a unique POS management system that enhanced cash management efficiency by 30%.
• Increased store security, by suggesting CCTV cameras installation.
• Singlehandedly pumped gas in 100+ vehicles on a particularly busy day, while excellently maintaining store functions.


Gas Station Sales Associate
7-Eleven, Nashville, TN
• Greet customers/patrons as they arrive at the gas station store
• Assist customers in choosing and locating items
• Dispense gas or assist customers in dispensing gas into vehicles
• Process cash and credit card payments and tender receipts and change
• Verify the ages of customers before selling alcohol and cigarettes
• Ensure gas station security by making sure that cameras work properly
• Scan the products into the system in order to determine prices
• Stock items on shelves, and oversee inventory levels

Gas Station Clerk
Henry’s Store, Nashville, TN
• Placed items such as boxes and jars on shelves and in display boxes
• Directed customers to their choice of products
• Assisted customers in locating and picking out items
• Bagged purchases and delivered them to customers’ vehicles
• Cleaned and maintained shelves and display units

High School Diploma
Nashville High School, Nashville, TN – 2014

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