Gas Station Sales Associate Skills and Abilities

Updated on: July 8, 2020

A gas station sales associate needs excellent skills in order to do justice to the work. Both the resume and cover letter must be full of skills information.

Recent studies show that skills are actually more important than experience to some employers.

Working as a gas station sales associate involves a lot of work. You will be looking at both ends of the work – gas pumping and selling products. It is important that you know how to handle both excellently.

Specifically, your skills should include knowledge of stocking items, selling products, pumping gas, and processing payments. All this information will serve as a bridge to get you across the initial screening process.

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, a gas station sales associate must be courteous and possess excellent communication skills. Furthermore, he or she must be able to keep a sharp eye out for trouble.

The following list of gas station sales associate skills are sufficient to help you write your job application documents:

Gas Station Sales Associate Skills

• Excellent skills in greeting and helping customers choose products.

• Effectively able to assist in lifting and carrying heavy products to cash counters.

• Knowledge of stocking items on shelves and in display units according to set protocols.

• Demonstrated expertise in pumping gas into vehicles.

• Proficient in operating a standard, as well as complex POS system.

• Adept at processing credit card and cash payments and tendering change and receipts.

• Talented in performing multi-function operations of fuel consoles and money order machines.

• Documented success in maintaining proper inventory levels, and shift audits.

• Competent in controlling merchandise, cash shortages, and other selling expenses.

• Able to bag merchandise for customers, and help them to their cars.

• Exceptional knowledge of stocking front-face items ion a predefined timeline.

• Skilled in cleaning and maintaining fountains, coffee makers, and food display units.

• Experienced in cleaning pumps on a regular basis.

• Expert in establishing and maintaining excellent working relationships with vendors and suppliers.

• Able to deter and detect shoplifters.

• Exceptional skills in upselling cleaning products such as car wash shampoos and car waxes to customers.

• Focused on ensuring constant cleaning and maintenance of assigned gas station areas.

• Highly skilled in handling opening and closing duties, and managing shift employees.

• In-depth knowledge of assisting customers with pump issues, and contacting service technicians when necessary.

• Hands-on experience in checking and balancing cash drawers at the end of each shift, and handling discrepancies.

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