Virtual Assistant Resume Sample [+Job Description, Skills]

Updated on: April 29, 2023

In the COVID-19 and beyond times, millions of people are working from home.

Do you still need to write a resume in this scenario?

Yes, you do.

Even if you provide a service from the comfort of your home, you do need to let the employer know about your qualifications.

Typically, you may be hired for a home-based job – such as that of a virtual assistant – through platforms such as Upwork and Allwriting.

But you may also be hired the conventional way – through job advertisements in newspapers. Either way, a resume is necessary.

Here is a sample resume for you to get ideas from:

Sample Resume for Virtual Assistant Position

Laura Moore
Middlesboro, KY
(000) 141-5474
laura.moore @ email . com


Meticulous administrative professional with 11 years of extensive experience in handling customer service and administrative work remotely. Effectively able to meet set deadlines and process information through well-honed research skills. Well-versed in providing quality administrative and customer service support through effectively handling remote office procedures and calls.

• First-hand experience in preparing timely and accurate presentations and reports using sophisticated software.
• Adept at completing assignments such as data entry work and transcription within provided timelines.
• Proficient in managing social media platforms and handling essential website maintenance and blog management.

• Inbound Calls Management • Data Entry
• Website Maintenance • Emails Management
• Bookkeeping • Proofreading and Editing
• Online Research • Business Scheduling
• Travel Planning • Client and Partner Management
• Business Chasing • Transcription


Virtual Assistant
ABC Company, Middlesboro, KY
6/2020 – Present
• Handle correspondence and respond to inbound calls from customers.
• Set up autoresponders to manage incoming emails in a profound manner.
• Book customers’ appointments and make follow-up calls.
• Perform calendar management duties by coordinating executives’ schedules and appointments.
• Manage files in electronic forms using applications such as Dropbox and Googles Docs.
• Handle database-building duties such as updating email or contact lists.
• Book hotels and flights for customers and ensure that they are made aware of the details.
• Prepare slideshow presentations for executives and record minutes of meetings.
• Set up and manage social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
• Publish blog posts and filter and reply to comments left on the blog.
• Answer support tickets to resolve customers’ problems and provide additional information.
Key Accomplishments
• Continuously met data entry deadlines for two years, often entering more than 1000 entries per hour.
• Proofread and edited 115 blogs for the company, now being followed by 1.5m customers.

Virtual Aide
AAA LLC, Middlesboro, KY
12/2015 – 6/2020
• Received inbound calls for information regarding different companies on the Initiative panel.
• Provided information regarding services and products and answered callers’ queries.
• Assisted callers in resolving issues by troubleshooting their problems over the telephone.
• Made outbound calls to prospective customers to provide them with information on the company’s products and services.
• Handled incoming emails and support tickets by appropriately replying to them following company policy.
Key Accomplishments
• Introduced the idea of “festive correspondence,” which increased the customer base by 44%.
• Discovered 20 new authentic research avenues which contributed to a significant increase in reliable information obtainment.

High School Diploma
ABC Company, Middlesboro, KY – 2011

Virtual Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

A virtual assistant performs some or all of the following duties listed below. You can use these job description statements in the EXPERIENCE or WORK HISTORY section of your resume.

  • Handle correspondence and emails by proactively replying to them.
  • Resolve support tickets by ensuring that they are responded to in a time-efficient manner.
  • Organize schedules and appointments and handle follow-up duties.
  • Manage online and offline promotional activities for the client business.
  • Communicate with suppliers, vendors, and customers to provide specifications and process orders.
  • Perform light bookkeeping activities such as creating electronic records of receipts and payments.
  • Set up meetings and transcribe minutes of the meeting recorded at the venue.
  • Translate bilingual materials and ensure that they are available to the right personnel.
  • Process customers’ inquiries over company chat rooms, telephones, and email.
  • Write, edit, and proofread articles and blogs and ensure that any press releases are informational and accurate.
  • Perform online research work and derive essential information according to provided project specifications.
  • Develop and maintain websites and blogs and ensure that they are adequately marketed to increase company presence.
  • Set up and update social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a bid to improve people’s interest in the company and its services and products.

Virtual Assistant Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Administrative and clerical support
  • CRM
  • Complex electronic filing systems
  • Data entry
  • High-speed typing skills.
  • Deadlines oriented
  • Project support
  • Online research
  • Slideshows and presentations preparation
  • Social media management
  • Support tickets management
  • Handling inbound/outbound calls
  • Bookkeeping
  • Online research
  • Database entries
  • Data presentations
  • Email management
  • Travel Research
  • Scheduling

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Taking and following instructions online

Final Thought

Virtual assistants work from the comfort of their homes, often providing administrative and customer service support to their online clients.

Different types of companies may hire them, and the job description could be anything that the company wants.

In order to apply for the virtual assistant job, you will need to write a compelling resume. The virtual assistant resume, job description, and skills statements provided on this page will help you write a compelling resume.

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