Virtual Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on November 28, 2015

Short and punchy resume objectives sell. Your resume for a virtual assistant position is a window into the big world of employment and it is up to you to make sure that you open it all the way. Resume objectives provide this leeway. When one begins writing a resume, one is often unsure of how to start. The objective provides this opportunity perfectly.

The beginning of anything is the most important in the process. The same rings true for a resume – a resume that begins in a profound manner is impactful. You write resumes to make an impression and you need to be able to leave a mark. Without a good beginning, your resume will remain ordinary.

Let us now discuss the anatomy of a resume objective. It is simply two or so lines of information regarding the candidate’s ability to be productive in an organization. The choice of words needs to be in sync with the job description that the employer has provided, so read the advertisement thoroughly before you begin. There are always hidden messages in an advertisement – the employer may write a job description, hoping that you will pick up the words he wants you to use, and use them in both your resume and cover letter. This will show him that you were paying attention to the advertisement.

On to resume objective samples – have a look for some for a virtual assistant position:

Sample Objectives for Virtual Assistant Resume

• Goal-oriented professional seeking a Virtual Assistant position with Texas Cartel, using exceptional expertise in handling administrative and clerical work from remote locations.

• Self-motivated, energetic Virtual Assistant lLooking for a similar role with Fyxer. Demonstrated ability to manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets and organize calendars, in a bid to provide administrative support to executives.

• Desire a Virtual Assistant position at Unilever. Offering excellent organizational skills, deep insight into business procedures and strategies and exceptional communication skills, aimed at providing logistically correct administrative support to clients.

• To work for Page Personnel as a Virtual Assistant. Specialized in handling bookkeeping duties, transcriptions, manuscripts and presentations. Also adept at managing general office tasks such as typing, dictation and spreadsheet.

• To obtain employment as a Virtual Assistant at Coca Cola. Bringing 4+ years’ hands-on experience in handling inbound calls for information and providing tier one support to customers. Raring to apply exceptional skills in handling bookkeeping and scheduling duties with the aim of ensuring smooth office procedures.

• Seeking a position as a Virtual Assistant at Collate Inc. Highly experienced in providing online, virtual support in terms of bookkeeping, correspondence and customer support, with special talent in managing emails and creating newsletters.