Underwriting Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: June 2, 2023

In order to apply for an underwriter assistant, you have to write a compelling resume.

The following example will guide you in this regard:

Sample Resume for Underwriting Assistant Position

Olivia Pillar
100 Miles Road, Topeka, KS 69021
(000) 257-9587


Top-performing underwriting assistant with 7 years of solid track record in carrying out support tasks associated with insurance and mortgage accounts. Effectively able to handle policy changes and correlating repercussions. Bachelor of Business Administration.

• Billing Errors Management
• Application Analysis
• Background Checks
• Client Follow-up
• Rating Systems
• Insurance Liaison
• Queries Management
• Requisitions Creation

• Successfully screened 18 potential clients, within a time span of 3 days
• Implemented a unique background checking system, as a result, improved efficiency by 80%
• Introduced the concept of electronic billing, thereby, reducing problems associated with errors
• Trained 10 underwriting assistants, as part of their induction period


Underwriting Assistant
Topeka Risk Management, Topeka, KS
• Monitor and respond to issues and queries through email and telephone
• Handle screening processes, and ensure that any prominent issues are highlighted
• Handle denials and withdrawals in accordance with the protocols
• Process new submissions, ensuring that all documentation is complete and accurate
• Maintain correspondence activity with internal and external clients
• Handle submission clearance work
• Resolve complaints by effectively referring to policies and procedures
• Direct risky issues to underwriters in order to obtain approvals
• Create requisitions for credit and health and safety reports
• Input new business renewals and reinstatements through online systems
• Compile reports and maintain logs in an efficient and confidential manner

Underwriting Assistant
Health Services of Topeka, Topeka, KS
• Assisted clients in filling out forms, and ensured that corresponding documentation was obtained
• Communicated with clients in order to obtain additional information
• Explained policies and procedures to clients
• Screened incoming telephone calls, and responded to inquiries
• Compiled reports while ensuring that any discrepancies were communicated
• Handled research work associated with different underwriting tasks
• Reviewed and processed policy changes, and created and submitted corresponding reports

Bachelor of Business Administration
Topeka Business School, Topeka, KS – 2009

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