Shampoo Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 20, 2021

Cover letters are great communicators as they provide prospective employers with a solid overview of what a particular candidate is all about. This results in increased understanding of the applicant’s profile and greater opportunities to be hired.

As it is, communicating with a potential employer is difficult because they are unreachable until the interview stage.

But in order to get to the interview stage, you have to be able to connect with them through another medium, which is the cover letter. And it is often the cover letter that decides who is worth the interview and whose resume can be dumped without another thought.

So what does this mean? It just means that you need to be particularly careful in writing your cover letter so that its future is not the trash bin or the “pending” folder. And this can only be done if you know all the requirements inside out and you are sure that you can fulfil them without any problems.

What follows is a cover letter sample written for a shampoo assistant position:

Sample Cover Letter for Shampoo Assistant Position

July 20, 2021

Ms. Diane Hoffman
Salon Manager
Beato Salon
721 Scott Street
Anchorage, AK 58740

Dear Ms. Hoffman:

A salon with the reputation such as that of Beato Salon need the services of passionate Shampoo Assistant. I consider myself as an energetic Shampoo Assistant who is known for exceptional proficiencies in determining the right types of products according to patients’ hair and scalp types and to devise safe methods of executing shampooing procedures.

As opposed to what the masses believe, shampooing is an art which is learnt following a good amount of experience. Having worked as a shampoo assistant at The Aye Lash – one of the busiest beauty studios in Anchorage – I have this experience as I have obtained exposure to many different types of clients and associated haircare requirements.

But shampooing is not all that I am good at. I am also well-versed in blow drying, hair treatments and coloring. My up-selling skills are considered the best in the salon – not one to brag but I am responsible for a 45% increase in salon revenue (retail products) due to my ability to convince patrons to buy the salon’s products, as they venture out of the facility in a “satisfaction” mode.

We need to meet to discuss this further. I will call you after 5 days to follow-up. In the interim, you may reach me at (000) 747-1214.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anne Burns

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